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Before actually opting to host a particular website, one of the most important questions that come to mind is regarding the WordPress web hosting service. Choosing the right WordPress hosting service is certainly an important decision.

Making A Choice: Choosing The Best Hosting Service

For those who are new to the world, it is a definite rule to make a start with the shared hosting services that are a lot easier to maintain and albeit, a lot cheaper as well. However, the one with the experience won’t hesitate to choose a particular hosting service. Also, they are more certain about the questions that come to mind as well. Questions about the disk space, bandwidth, and other features are more carefully answered. These things matter a lot and choosing the wrong hosting free service might end up messing things.

For those who want to have the maximum growth in a couple of years have to think and come up with long-term plans as well and choosing the correct free WordPress hosting service certainly a great start. They must always go for a service that has the capability to transform from shared to private hosting when the need arises. This ability solves the other problems such as the memory capacity, processing power, disk storage and the different security issues as well. However, the shared hosting services, being cheap and available are also an option.

An Introduction To

Welcome to the review of the amazing and free web hosting WordPress service that is known to us as the In this particular article, we shall be mentioning the features of the amazing web hosting service that provides many users with a safe and secure platform for web hosting. Known to be one of the first cloud-based hosting platforms, is an amazing and efficient hosting service provider with the latest technology backing it up.

Without wasting any more time, let us have a look at what amazing things this particular web hosting service provider is capable of. Confused? We are talking about the mind-blowing features of the service provider that offers that users with an unimaginable experience of free WordPress hosting.

Features That Make It The Best

Let us have a look at some of these wonderful features that give it the competitive edge against the other competitors.

1) MySQL And PHP

This is certainly one of the most amazing and important features of the that it is flexible enough to run both MySQL and PHP free accounts. With just some simple knowledge about the process of website building, the users will be able to use the feature by using the free hosting WordPress and will be able to upload files as well. Even the customers with the free accounts can use the feature. Multiple databases are also available to the users for proper management and zero size limitations.

2) Website Building Is Easier

The building of websites is a lot easier when you have an efficient and helpful website builder. Well, this is exactly what is. The best thing about the website builder here is that the people with a limited knowledge of website building will also be able to build beautiful and eye-catching websites with the amazing service provider.

Want to know how? With the help of the fantastic website building feature, it is now really easy to put the images, videos, themes, backgrounds and a lot more interesting items on the website. All you have to do is drag and drop whatever you like.

The arrangement of the components is also possible. Also, for those users who are equipped with the knowledge of CSS will be able to make minute changes as well such as fonts, colors and other stuff. Want to know the cherry on the cake? Well, the websites created are mobile-friendly as well.

Other Distinct Features

It is good news for the users with the free service account as these accounts are provided with the flexibility and ease to create amazing websites with the help of the website builder. That’s not it people as with that you are provided with 1000 MB of disk space and a bandwidth of 10GB. This is certainly a great option for such a website.

Also, the cPanel in the website carefully enables the users to have a proper balance and management on the website by managing the backups, emails, databases, accounts and other important materials. The automatic backing up of the files is another interesting feature about the amazing


After you choose the 000webhost services, you will be provided with every important or non-important assistance that you need. The free registration users can post the queries and issues on the forum pages which immediately gets the response from the support team of the service provider. The active team always helps those who are in need of assistance.

Paid Upgrade

This is something that most people don’t know. Well, the customers are allowed to make the choice of upgrading their shared hosting site to a paid one. With that, they are provided with some extra domains and they also have the ability to keep multiple websites. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth is the next best thing about it.

What Can We Say In A Nutshell

  • An uptime guarantee of 99%
  • Amazing support of MySQL, PHP, Sockets, and other features that are helpful
  • 10 GB of Bandwidth with disk space of 1000 MB
  • Web installer can be set with just a single click along with multiple templates and superior images
  • Account activation is instant
  • Zero added costs, no catchy terms and an impressive speed for users to rely on


It can be said without a doubt that the 000webhost service is certainly one of the best hosting services that the users will find on the Internet. With interesting features and amazing benefits, this site is an ultimate catch in the world of website building. Highly recommended and trusted, this amazing hosting service provider is a must-try.