The school season is quickly coming back into rotation- and with it, a lot of people are considering careers that will help people further their lives.  Analyst jobs are known to be one of the most lucrative jobs someone can have from a master’s degree- but what career is right for you?

Here’s a rundown on some of the highest paying roles- and what you have to do to get into them!

Business Intelligence Analyst

This job can be high stress, but also a high reward for those willing to do it.  A business intelligence analyst compares the company’s data with each other and the current market and uses it to inform a company’s decisions on what to do next.

Their main effort gets put into figuring out what it will take for companies to save money and make more to add to their profit.

The education needed for this position changes based on what company that employs you.  At a minimum, most companies require at least a master’s degree in business administration.  Although some companies may accept degrees that follow the same line- and others will request a more in-depth education, it all changes business to business.

On average, business intelligence analysts make seventy thousand to a hundred thousand dollars a year.  This income can be a highly inspiring reason to get many people into the field.

Adverse Impact Analyst

No job on this list is as complicated as the job of an adverse impact analyst.  This role is to help decide if a company’s decision to fire an employee gets influenced by discrimination.  This stressful role requires a high amount of emotional intelligence and the patience to know better than to get too close to the job.

The education needed is similar to what’s required for a business intelligence analyst while also needing more.  The average job calls for at least a master’s in some form of a business degree, but you can go further if you have a minor in psychology or social issues.  This education shows that you know what matters to people.

This job can fall under the business intelligence analyst position and make between $70,000 and $100,000 a year.

Financial Analyst

These analysts are the most commonly known ones.  Financial analysts work with banks, lenders, and most financial establishments to help make informed decisions.  This job means working with clients specifically, not just one business.

The educational background needed for this job is at least a master’s degree in finance– or a master’s of business administration.  Although further education can help with most tasks, there’s a significant jump with what it can do for you as a financial analyst.  There’s wiggle room to let you decide how far you want to go with this career if you dedicate yourself to it.

These analysts are lower on the pay scale, starting around sixty thousand dollars a year, and reaching upwards towards ninety thousand depending on the company.  There is room for making more money; you have to be able to network and know your value.