On Monday, February 27th, billionaire investor Warren Buffett joined CNBC’s Becky Quick for his tenth annual “Ask Warren” appearance in a special edition of CNBC’s signature morning program “Squawk Box”.

Throughout the Squawk Box interview, the Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO answered questions submitted by viewers via Twitter and Facebook. The appearance included Buffett’s first comments on Berkshire’s latest report on its stock holdings, showing it has invested over nine billion dollars in the airlines and is now one of Apple’s ten biggest investors. Buffett gave a very wide-ranging interview, covering topics like the economy, self-driving cars, and Twitter.

See below 30 snippets from the 3 hour long interview.

1. American Dynamism: The Dominant Theme of Buffett’s Life

2. When Measured Against Interest Rates, Stocks Are Actually on the Cheap Side

3. Our Market System is Why America Succeeds

4. There Are Wonderful Assets Out There In the Stock Market

5 & 6. On Apple

6. On Airlines

7. On Dow Chemical

8. On Suits

9. On March Madness

10. Don’t Mix Politics with Investing

11. The President’s Number 1 Job is to Keep America Safe

12. The Economy Will Be Better Off 4 Years from Now

13. On Free Trade

14. The Inside Scoop on the Kraft Unilever Deal

15. On 3G Capital

16. Low Interest Rates and Europe

17. On Self-Driving Cars

18. On 50 Year Bonds

19. On Insurance Catastrophes

20. On the Importance of Government-Backed Mortgages

21. On Selling Stocks

22. On Jeff Bezos

23. On Newspapers and Tweeting

24. On 30 Year Bonds

25. On Wells Fargo

26. On Active vs. Know Nothing Investing

27. The “2 and 20” Hedge Fund Fee Model is Obscene

28. You Don’t Have to Be Special to Invest in Index Funds

29. On The Long Run vs. The Short Run

30. On the Status of the Economy and What Drives Growth