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5 Marketing Ideas for Filmmakers on a Budget

Budding filmmakers don’t have the same money as big movie production companies. It may therefore feel like an uphill challenge when the time comes to promote an indie movie. If you have a project you are proud to promote, you will be happy to learn there are various free and affordable ways to market your new movie. Here are five marketing ideas for filmmakers on a budget.

  1. Free, High-Quality Movie Posters

Even in today’s modern age, high-quality posters continue to be one of the biggest and best ways to promote an upcoming movie. You only need to walk down the street or through a cinema to realize they are an effective way to boost a film’s exposure. It is, therefore, an essential aspect of promoting your new picture.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a movie poster doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s because Adobe Spark provides a free movie poster maker that can complement your movie and its theme. You can tell the story of your new film through images, and you can describe it through engaging text that you can customize to include everything from the synopsis to the release date. Once you’re pleased with the result, you can download, print and promote your new flick.

  1. Create a Trailer

You’ve made the movie – now all you need to do is make a trailer. Video marketing is big on social media right now, as over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day. A high-quality, entertaining trailer, therefore, has the potential to go viral. Of course, it all depends on the execution of the trailer and the quality of the story. Once you have edited your trailer, publish it on every video platform possible, such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

  1. Enter a Film Festival

There are multiple reasons why you should consider entering a film festival with your new movie. The biggest reason is, of course, to gain exposure of your new film, which could potentially be picked up by a production company. It can also help you to boost your awareness in the industry, and will provide an opportunity to network with other budding filmmakers. Start small, with local film festivals, and keep pushing your movies onto the bigger, more prestigious festivals. Even consider music festivals; anything goes!

  1. List Your Movie on IMDB

Add credibility to your film by gaining an IMDB listing. You must, however, ensure you accurately submit the movie details into the submission form; otherwise, the listing will be rejected. If it’s accepted, IMDB will add your movie to the database within a week after submission. You can then promote the listing online to boost your credibility, and you could even refer fans and loved ones to the listing to learn more about the movie.

  1. Launch a Website

All indie filmmakers should seriously consider launching their own website, which will provide a forum to promote their trailers, generate excitement for a movie and to share news. It will also provide a place to promote not only the film, but yourself. For example, you can talk about who you are, why you love making movies, and your experience to date. Don’t forget to share all your news and blogs on your social media pages, too!