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Investment banks have totally raised their expectations. Therefore, if you want to become an investment banking analyst you need to develop yourself both personally and professionally in order to be worth the attention of these companies.

It all comes down to skills really. That’s what they’re looking for. Back in the day, experience and degrees counted the most but now having the actual relevant skill-set and knowledge is the most important thing investment banking analysts must have.

Nowadays, in order to make it big as an investment banking analyst, you need qualifications. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a qualification is a “quality or skill that fits a person (as for an office)”. Well, considering this, every person who strives to be an investment banking analyst should understand that the development of their skills and traits should be their main preoccupation.

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 qualifications that you need in order to have a fruitful experience throughout your investment banking career:

1. Exceptional Analytical and Problem-Solving Aptitudes

This is probably the most important skill that should appear on your resume considering that you’re applying for an investment banking analyst job. You’ll be surrounded by numbers, analytics, calculations, and more. Your mind needs to work like a healthy engine, solving problems and detecting issues.

The more analytical you think the better the company will appreciate you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a math expert to solve problems and analyze performance. You need the mindset!

2. Communication Mastery

If you’re a great analyzer and problem solver but lack communication skills, your observations will rarely have an impact. Why? Because without being able to effectively communicate your suggestions to your higher ranks, you won’t win their attention. This can also apply to clients or when you’re responding to someone from your team.

Like with any other field, if you can be friendly, nice, and kind to your colleagues, you can win their hearts. When that happens, your communication with them becomes different and your relationships mature, too.

3. Ability to Pay Close Attention to Details

Attention to detail? Definitely required! Most task that you’ll get while working in an investment banking analyst role will usually present different risks. If you don’t pay attention to different numbers and screw up a graphic, it could influence your company’s performance and reputation quite a lot.

Basically, you need to be very attentive and objective with your work. You cannot fail — if you do, there are serious consequences. Be critical with your reassessments and always double-check your work until you gain enough confidence that you’re not skipping any important details.

4. Empowering Mindset and Attitude

Employees that have a great mindset and attitude will win more promotions and opportunities. That’s a fact. Every boss loves an employee that takes the time to personally develop himself. When employees present a need for growth, their mindsets will also advance. Therefore, there will be fewer conflicts, more motivation, and more results for the company.

To make it simple… investment banks are searching for people who know what they’re doing. These people need to take care of the job at hand, and they need to be confident with their decisions.

The attitude towards the job is the other important aspect. If you love your job, you will shine in the office. You’ll vibrate good energy through your presence, behavior, and words. Every office needs that. If you’re extremely skilled and good at what you do, that’s a super bonus!

5. Time Management Skills

Unfortunately, investment banking demands a lot of time — 90-100 hour weeks are often the bare minimum. You’ll often have to deal with several projects at once, and you need to split all that time so that you can manage it all. Oh, and don’t forget about your personal life. You also need a work-life balance in order for your lifestyle to thrive, so you’d better be good at managing time.


You CAN make it big as an investment banking analyst. In fact, it really only depends on YOU. Before even considering applying to a company, take the time to get introspective and reassess your current condition. If you’re being objective, you’ll probably find many areas of expertise which can be improved or even mastered. Be patient and always keep in mind that the more skilled you are the more use you’ll have to the marketplace.

About the author:  Eva Wislow is an entrepreneur and career coach at CareersBooster resumes writing service. She is focusing on helping people break down their limits, find a dream job, and achieve life and career success.