With the trials for 5G rollout in full swing across America and the internet-of-things (IOT) taking center stage, companies far and wide are courting would-be shareholders to invest in the next big leap forward of telecommunication technologies.

Telecommunication giants like AT&T and Verizon are vying for infrastructure supremacy while Dell and Hewlett Packard focus on providing consumer applications of the technology, making the options to invest in 5G quite plentiful.

Investors with limited capital to distribute may face some hard decisions about which companies to buy, but the good news is that opportunity abounds to get involved in 5G. The transition will affect everything from hardware to software. In a hyper-connected economy, investing in both downstream and upstream providers of 5G technology may be a wise approach.

5G Is Projected To Give The Semiconductor Industry Geometric Growth

With the advanced signal speed that is part and parcel of 5G, companies at every level of the semiconductor supply chain are expecting rapid growth. What’s important to understand about 5G is that unlike the development which took America from 1G to 4G, the signal strength of 5G will need it’s own specialized hardware to operate. This presents a big opportunity for companies like:

Although Marvell Technology Group has a had a bit of a bumpy ride for the last several years, the company continues to build around 5G, positioning itself to gain a healthy degree of momentum as the rollout continues. During a recent earnings call, Marvell announced long-term plans to partner with Samsung for distributing the company’s embedded processors and semiconductor technology. With a powerful partnership in tow, Marvell Technology Group could definitely swing to the upside.

Widely known for becoming the first company to successfully manufacture large-scale semiconductor technologies for the personal computer, Intel has a long and storied history of leading the way in microprocessor and semiconductor innovations. As 5G continues to accelerate, expect big things from Intel on the horizon.

With headquarters on the East Coast, Skyworks Solutions is making a name for itself as the Intel of the East Coast. Founded over two decades ago, Skyworks has rapidly become a leader in semiconductors specifically engineered for mobile and wireless telecommunication systems. The company’s leadership is strong and they are in the right place at the right time, with several East Coast cities being among the first to conduct extended trials of 5G.

Fiber Optics Are Set To Play A Massive Role In 5G Deployment

The speeds promised by 5G are fast Unlike anything that investors have ever seen before, 5G signal speeds are a quantum leap forward in instantaneous data-streaming and real-time feedback systems. To accommodate the blistering speeds, networks running on 5G will become increasingly connected to fiber optic cables for delivering data over long distances. This gives the following fiber optic manufacturers and distributors a major opportunity in front of them:

Pay special attention to the Google Fiber initiative. This may just make Google the most valuable company in the world as the 5G rollout accelerates.

Cable Providers Are Also Expecting To Benefit

Companies like Comcast have been increasingly adapting to the shift from traditional television viewing towards Smart TVs and digital devices. With services like Xfinity Mobile having been well-received across the marketplace, Comcast is making a successful transition to the next generation of data providers. Overall, data services have had a dramatic evolution, with some experts feeling like the entire M&A world has become a giant virtual data room like Firmex.

Due to the fact that 5G will present a near-instantaneous streaming experience for consumers around America, the company appears well-poised to capitalize on 5G. In fact, Comcast has previously announced that they will use Verizon to provide the upstream 5G infrastructure for Xfinity Mobile customers.

Closing Thoughts

With so many far-reaching consequences of the 5G infrastructure roll-out, there’s plenty of room for investors to get involved. While the hardware changes are set to be massive, data providers will also play a key role.