Starting your own business while still being a college student can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. On the other hand, studying is the best time in your life to set up a business as you have time to play around and figure out what your business idea should look like. And even if you fail, you will still have your whole life for another try.

What is more, one of the best benefits of being a student is that you are surrounded by a great number of brilliant people with a lot of ambitions and passions. Hence, you can find your business mate and develop your own small business ideas together.

So, if you are wondering what business to start, then check out our 6 easy business ideas that you can develop while you are still in college.

1. Sewing

Have you ever wished you could start a successful home business? If you answered ‘yes’, then consider starting a home sewing business as it can be a great way to make some extra side income.

Before you can start making money, you must choose your area of specialty. For instance, those areas may include repairing clothes, creating wedding and maternity clothes, or home décor items. All you need is a simple sewing machine with the most basic stitches – zigzag, stretch, and straight. Aside of deciding on an area of specialty, you need to find your market. As a college student, you can focus on creating and repairing clothes for students.

In order to build a successful business, you must attend different festivals and events. Also, you can consider building an online business through such platforms like Eatsy or eBay.

2. Delivery service

Students are lazy and also busy. So, starting out a business that is offering grocery shopping, pickup and takeout services is a perfect way to make some money. In fact, you can make a fortune doing tasks for other students. Start with creating a website where they can place an order. Market your services through social media or printed flyers. And voila! You just started a successful business.

However, it can be hard to manage a delivery service business and college. Thus, you can always use a professional writing help at EduBirdie Australia and stay focused on developing your startup idea.

3. Cleaning service

Well, as we all know, students are not the best known for their cleanliness. Thus, if you are looking for small business ideas, then consider starting a cleaning business. There is nothing hard in it and you can start by cleaning rooms at your dorm, or apartments and houses around your college campus.

There are a lot of cleaning companies on the market, so in order to become a more competitive person in this business, you can offer lower prices. Start with promoting your services to your family and friends. And as you build a solid reputation, you can make an online ad for your service; create a Facebook or Instagram account.

It is a perfect startup idea for a college student as it literally requires no costs. Just use cleaning supplies that you already have in your dorm room.

4. Freelance business

It is the best business to start if you are a good writer who is able to organize the information clearly. Start by offering your own services and as you build your client base and a solid reputation, you can develop a company. With time you can start hiring more freelancers and offer a variety of services to serve every need. For example, such services like copywriting, consulting, tutoring, CV writing and so on.

With a freelance business it is really easy to start. And if you will be able to build a solid reputation and promote your services, then you will not have a problem finding new clients.

5. Personal coach

With all the stress and unhealthy late night snacks, students are always looking for some easy ways to lose a few kilos. So, if you are a real workout buff and can not imagine a day without going to the gym, then consider becoming a personal trainer based in your campus. You can make some really good money from it.

With a personal training you can start by working in a gym, holding yoga classes, teaching fitness, or simply helping other students to create a healthy eating plan.

6. Baking business

Do you enjoy baking and want to start a successful home business? Then you might want to consider starting a home based baking business. It is really easy to start as you already have a kitchen and knowledge of backing. Also, there is always a market for yummy baked goods. So, if you are ready to start making money from it, then bake your goodies and market them on Instagram or Facebook. You might consider creating a food blog, which can become an additional source of income.

Starting your own business while still studying can be challenging. However, college can suggest a great number of resources you can use for developing your ideas. While being a student you have a fully access to the libraries, different courses, labs, conference rooms and copy services. You can take a course of marketing and prepare yourself for the world of business, or you can take a business advice from your professor.

After all, plenty of successful businesses were founded by college students. Think about Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! or Dell. And who knows, maybe your idea will become the next big thing.

Author’s Bio: Sandra Hayward is a freelance writer, blogger and a successful home based business owner. Just like Zuckerberg, she launched her startup in college. Sandra lives with her husband and two dogs. She loves traveling and practicing yoga.