Getting declined repeatedly for new checking accounts? People with a black mark against their record can find it difficult to open checking accounts. As a matter of fact, over 15% of all bank account applications get rejected due to their shoddy banking history.

Banks usually run your details through various databases when you send in an application for a bank account. In case your banking history is not good enough, you won’t be allowed to start a checking account there.

EWS, TeleCheck and ChexSystems are various consumer reporting agencies, which monitor & report the banking history of millions living in the US. Any person who has been flagged by them is assigned a profile in their database. The biggest consumer reporting agency in the US is ChexSystems, which is used by over 9000 banks for evaluating their bank applications.

There are a number of offenses that can cause your account to get flagged by EWS, TeleCheck, or ChexSystems. Some examples are:


  • Repeat failure to fully pay off your service charges or other fees
  • Check-related fraudulent activities
  • Funds losses
  • Debit card abuse
  • Unpaid overdraft fees. This reason is why most people end up in the database.
  • ‘Undisclosed’ offenses

You will need to evaluate all your banking history to figure out the reason behind your listing in these databases. In most cases, it is usually a small incident that the customer has completely forgotten or hasn’t been aware about.


What are Second Chance Bank Accounts?


Let Me Bank can connect you to second chance savings and checking accounts are provided by leading financial institutions, which can help you restore your reputation and prove to the banks that you’re a reliable, trustworthy banking customer.

All banks that provide second chance banking also run your record through EWS, Telecheck, or ChexSystems.

After evaluating the information included in your file, there’s still a remote possibility that you’ll be denied a bank account. For instance, if you’ve committed check fraud on multiple occasions, most banks won’t want to deal with you at all.

However, barring any exceptional cases, approval is always likely. Banks are aware of the fact that good customers may suffer from occasional lapses in their judgment. Such banks are also ready to take calculated risks on you in spite of your bad credit or history of banking issues.

While financial institutions that utilize ChexSystems are likely to reject your application if you have a history of non-sufficient fund loss or unpaid overdraft fees, a second chance bank is prepared to overlook all this to provide you with a checking account.

As a matter of fact, second chance savings and checking accounts have high approval rates and speedy processing times as well. Such banks also offer features that are on par with regular bank accounts. Apply for a banking account with them now you can restore your standing within no time. If you’re looking to improve your credit in a fast and simple manner, this is how you do it.


Top 3 Second Chance Banks in 2020



BBVA provides free checking accounts that are available in every state except for Hawaii and Alaska. The bank is quite lenient with its terms and provides a number of benefits that aren’t offered by any other bank listed here.

BBVA also provides a Visa® Debit Card, which you can use for making purchases almost everywhere. Additionally, you will also be able to access Allpoint and BBVA ATMs.

Benefits and Features

  • Free online and mobile bill pay
  • Unlimited number of checks
  • Full mobile and online banking suite along with a BBVA Wallet app
  • Over 64000 ATMs available across the country that charge zero ATM fees
  • Zero monthly fees
  • The minimum deposit is as low as $25.


This bank provides a mobile bank checking account that has zero overdraft fees, foreign transaction fees, minimum balance requirements, or monthly maintenance fees. Basically, no fees at all.

You can also get your paycheck credited to your account 2 days faster compared to traditional financial institutions.

Additionally, you also get a Savings Account, Spending Account, and a Visa® Debit card along with access to more than 38000 Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass® ATMs that are free of all surcharge fees.

Benefits and Features

  • Expedited deposit process that is faster than other banks by two days
  • Top-notch mobile banking facilities
  • Automatic round-up savings accounts that can help you save cash
  • Zero monthly fees

Wells Fargo

You can open a Wells Fargo ‘Opportunity Checking’ account even if you have been declined for their standard account.

Benefits and Features

  • Access of 13000 ATMs at zero cost
  • Mobile banking suite and online bill pay facilities
  • The opening deposit is only $25
  • Other features include 24×7 fraud monitoring, account alerts & zero liability debit card protection

You can utilize Let Me Bank’s services to find more details about these bank accounts and open a bank account quickly. Such Second Chance banking accounts can help you overcome your negative banking history and restore your trustworthiness.