NetLeaders, the community behind the innovative DasCoin digital currency, has developed a unique network founded on the principles of trust, transparency and fairness. The incentivised marketing model of NetLeaders gives each licence-holder a stake in the community, building a cryptocurrency that can be trusted. Licence-holders are supplied with units of network capacity which can be converted into the DasCoin digital currency.

DasCoin Blockchain Technology

Each cycle a licence holder is issued with can be entered into the queue for minting DasCoin, which converts them into digital currency. The blockchain technology behind DasCoin is fully compliant with all Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Know Your Customer regulations, authenticating each user. The Das ecosystem becomes more empowered the more people use it, creating more value for each member of the community.

NetLeaders Advocates

Advocates within the NetLeaders community grow the network by introducing new members who become licence-holders. So far there have been more than 100,000 DasCoin licences sold. Advocates of NetLeaders are provided with specialised training to ensure full understanding of the services and products available. This training helps NetLeaders maintain full compliance with regulations and complete brand maintenance. The operational business model of NetLeaders is honest, open and transparent, with all advocates trained to be equipped to the high standards set. Advocates are further provided with a 24/7 support network with global reach, offering guidance and responding to queries and questions to ensure full knowledge.


DasCoin uses a unique permissioned blockchain to deliver a safe, secure and trustworthy digital currency network, creating a better way for exchanging and storing of value. The strengths of existing digital currencies have been honed and strengthened, while the weaknesses of these have been eradicated. DasCoin brings to the table better regulatory compliance, better governance, a wider network of distribution, increased capacity for transactions and greater operational efficiency than has been seen in the digital currency market to date.