Day 3: Sunday

Wow what a weekend!

I finished up the Berkshire Hathaway celebrations with the Invest in Yourself 5K – which was kicked off by Berkshire head of insurance Ajit Jain.

Then I went to Borsheim’s for brunch and free drinks and was entertained by World Class magician Norman Beck. I also watched Warren Buffett and Bill Gates take on Ariel Hsing in ping-pong. Then later I was able to get pretty up close to them as they played bridge.

A big thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible – including Warren and Charlie, Warren’s assistant Carrie Sova, the City of Omaha, the staff at CenturyLink, everyone who was working the booths for Berkshire’s companies, and Borsheim’s, the Nebraska Furniture Mart, the Chilko Experience, and Brooks!

I will be posting a full write-up on all of the key take-always from the weekend later this week, so stay tuned!

For photos of today’s 5K and pictures of Ajit Jain, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates, take a look at the Vintage Value Twitter page.

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