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**Updated 6/15/17 for IP Capital, Ophir Asset Management, and Bill Gross’s June Commentary.

Here is a list of hedge fund letters and reports, detailing Q1 performance and discussing what to look out for in the rest 2017. The letters in this list are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. We currently have 58 hedge fund letters. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them my way! I’ll keep this list updated as more hedge fund letters are sent in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Now get reading!

Investment FirmDate Posted
Burr CapitalApril 11
Greenwood InvestorsApril 11
Horizon KineticsApril 11
Maglan CapitalApril 11
Mutual Fund ObserverApril 11
Vltava FundApril 11
Bill MillerApril 12
Mott CapitalApril 12
Absolute Return Partners – AprilApril 13
Apollo Investment ManagementApril 13
Bill Gross Commentary – AprilApril 13
Causeaway Capital – AprilApril 13
Euclidean TechnologiesApril 14
Aquitania CapitalApril 18
Longleaf PartnersApril 18
Wedgewood PartnersApril 18
Broadview CapitalApril 19
FPA Capital FundApril 19
Howard Marks MemoApril 19
Weitz FundsApril 19
Arquitos Capital PartnersApril 20
Baskin Wealth ManagementApril 20
Blue Tower Asset ManagementApril 20
Massif CapitalApril 20
Open Square CapitalApril 20
Polen CapitalApril 22
RP Investment AdvisorsApril 22
Greenlight CapitalApril 25
Longcast AdvisorsApril 26
Broadrun CapitalApril 27
Third Point CapitalApril 28
Alluvial CapitalMay 2
Crescat CapitalMay 2
Horizon KineticsMay 2
GMOMay 2
Value Investor Insight – AprilMay 2
Greenskeeper Asset ManagementMay 3
Grey Owl CapitalMay 6
Vulcan Value PartnersMay 7
Meson CapitalMay 8
Mittleman BrothersMay 8
Tweedy BrowneMay 9
Greenlight Ira SohnMay 11
Pershing Square Ira SohnMay 11
Pershing Square LetterMay 12
Pershing Square HerbalifeMay 12
Pzena Asset ManagementMay 12
Greenhaven RoadMay 14
Malgan CapitalMay 14
Avenir CapitalMay 17
Morgan Creek CapitalMay 17
Symphony HoldingsMay 18
Lighthouse AdvisorsMay 18
Weiss Korea FundMay 22
GMO – For Whom The Bell TollsMay 27
GMO – The ReserveMay 27
Vina CapitalMay 27
Kerrisdale CapitalMay 30
Cable Car CapitalJune 1
Absolute Return Partners – MayJune 4
Petra Capital ManagementJune 4
IP Capital PartnersJune 6
Ophir Asset ManagementJune 12
Bill Gross – June CommentaryJune 13