While prospective yacht buyers may have funds readily available to finance the purchase of a yacht for sale, it is often in their interest to weigh up financing options. For some, the option of taking out a loan is particularly alluring, as it frees up capital to invest elsewhere and ultimately adds value to their wealth. Banks will rarely lend the purchase fee to borrowers who do not already have the money. But what yacht financing options are available? We’ve gathered information on the conventional, and the not so conventional, methods of yacht financing, so you can benefit from a cash injection and turn your seafaring dream into a reality.

Purchase with a Yacht Loan

Many banks offer the services of dedicated teams that oversee the financing of vessels, with one or more agents assigned to deal specifically with each acquisition. Specialists in the field of yacht financing, these advisors can provide targeted information that will benefit the buyer. As each yacht purchase is different, the information provided should be bespoke according to the financial capabilities of the buyer, as well as a host of other conditions. Generally speaking, banks will lend between 60% and 80% of the overall purchase fee, meaning buyers will need a large deposit from the offset. Bank advisors will discuss the possibility of both fixed and variable interest rates with the borrower, in order to determine which route best suits the buyer. For large yachts, it is always a good idea to take out financing to avoid astronomical outlays. Often, yachts are sold a few years after purchase and so the majority of the outstanding balance is covered by the sale. In such cases, only a fraction of the total purchase fee comes from the buyer’s personal wealth.

Creative Financing for Buying a Yacht - Vintage Value Investing

Yacht Funding from Other Sources

Occasionally, governments will fund yacht construction projects to boost the yachting industry in a particular region. Norway and Germany, for example, are two countries that have fronted the money for new-builds. Moreover, some shipyards and manufacturers also provide payment options to encourage sales. Cat, for example, offer 0% finance deals for up to 6 months on engines and engine parts.

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Installment Payment Schemes

As an incentive to attract buyers, some sellers will also offer funding options on luxury yachts to trustworthy buyers. Such an arrangement can make a purchase simpler, as the repayment agreements are factored into the initial contract and there is no external source of funding. Often, these types of agreements may carry incentives, including low initial interest rates and little-to-no down payment. It is in the seller’s interest to offer a favourable repayment plan, in order to attract a buyer.

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In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained interest within the yachting community. Some brokerages now accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for yacht charters. There have also been instances of superyachts being offered for sale with the Owner accepting Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. M/Y TURQUOISE, for example, which has a €20.5 million price tag, can be bought with bitcoins.


Some Owners are willing to accept part-exchange to encourage the sale of their yachts. Whether trading for a larger or smaller vessel, yacht exchanges are relatively straightforward because less money is traded and each party already owns the capital. A brokerage house can assist in pricing each asset and can negotiate additional payments. Yacht exchanges are increasingly common, with the yachts offered through the method increasing in size; Benita Blue, a 33.5m vessel, was recently offered for sale with the possibility of part-exchange.

Please note: this information should not be interpreted as legal advice.