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Drawing Parallels Between Entrepreneurship And Sports

Being the owner of a business empire is no less than being the coach or captain of a sports team. Every mammoth profit you register is as exciting as a new sports trophy won after months of striving.

Just like sports, a business can never be run by a single individual. No matter how nominal the venture is, it would only get its worth if there is enough teamwork and collaborative effort by every single member of the team – be it business or sports.

Both entrepreneurship and business involves days of hard work where an entire team works in full coordination to achieve a common goal. In the case of football, winning a Ballon d’Or is no less than being featured as one of the most successful businesses in Forbes magazine!

Every single member working in a sports team or a business organisation has a considerable impact on the way the team functions.

There are several aspects in which each of the two broadly different fields experience and demand provide similar approaches.

For example, both business and sports provide extensive training opportunities. Also, the process of planning and the evaluation of success more or less remains the same when you talk about a business venture or a sports team in action.

Here are some of the aspects in which a business organisation is no different than a sports team:

Making Strategic Plans

A business is nothing but a chaos unless there is a strategic plan for a team to implement and run within various wings of the organisation.

You can’t buy appropriate media traction without making proper plans.

You can’t manage your cash flow finance if you don’t have appropriate plans.

Right from acquiring the finances to promoting your products, your business firm requires planning at every stage.

When it comes to strategic planning, there is hardly any sport that functions without the need of creating game-day strategies. Particularly if the game requires more than a single player, making strategic plans would only work in a team’s favour.

Cricket is a game of plans where the captain needs to strategise on knocking the other team over as soon as possible. From choosing the opening pair to bat, to setting the field to trapping opposition batsmen, everything requires a set plan to be executed perfectly.

Even when it comes to football, the arrangement of players, from the forwards to the defenders to the centre midfield plays a major role in the way the game would turn out to be.

Be it your business organisation or your sports team, you would never be able to make it big and win unless you have planned your way to victory!

The Undying Passion

It is nearly impossible to achieve anything – be it winning a World Cup or a million-pound profit deal – if you don’t harbour enough passion towards your job.

In terms of running a business organisation, you need to have immense passion for setting up an organisation and running it successfully. You may have a passion that is money-oriented or one that is more inclined towards societal development, but you need to have the drive to run and sustain a company.

Similarly, no team can win matches unless there is enough passion within every single player. Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi wouldn’t have won five Ballon d’Ors each if they held no passion to win the games they played. There would have been no 20th Grand Slam title awarded to Roger Federer if he played his games without any passion.

In any sport – be it a team game or an individual sport, lack of passion would only lead to a mediocre performance or to a disastrous failure. The same holds true for an entrepreneur running a business organisation.

Keeping The Tenacity Intact

There is no business without consistency and determination. Everyone would love to go to work only when the days are full of sunshine and the profits are pouring in.

However, there are only a few entrepreneurs that have strength to stay firm and determined even when the conditions are not so lucrative. This is the tenacity that gives strength to a failed business to rise and leave a mark.

Coming back to sports, there are several examples of players losing hope and giving in when  situations are not overtly conducive. Instead, what is required of them is persistence and determination to stay in the game and keep giving their best irrespective of the obstacles that come their way.

While there are players who have quit playing due to minor injuries, there are also players that have stayed in the scene even after being severely injured and have been back with double the vigour.

Pick any sportsmen playing any game across the globe; the difference between the two would be evident in the results of their games!

Maintaining A Degree Of Flexibility

Be it sports or business, the conditions would never be conducive throughout. You may find yourself amidst the best environment today and come across a disaster tomorrow. However, you need to make sure that you function effectively in both the cases.

While running a business, you need to adapt to the fluctuations in customer demands.

There may be a new trend that is introduced in the market overnight and all your demand shifts to that new product. In such a scenario, you should be smart enough to adapt to the trend and come up with a better product to attract customers.

There may also be certain new tax implications and norms introduced by the Government that you need to comply to. It is important for every entrepreneur to be flexible and prone to changes as and when they come by.

As a sportsman, you need to adapt to the weather in which you’re playing. As sportsmen travel all the time, they need to deal with all kinds of weather conditions while playing their matches.

Moreover, a sportsman also needs to be flexible with the people they’re dealing with. If their coach changes and new one joins, they need to adapt to certain new training techniques that may be outside their comfort zones. However, this should never reflect negatively on the games they’re playing.

Sports and business can be combined into one and there have been fruitful as well as disastrous results of the amalgamation. Though the combination of business and sports may not be entirely beneficial, the parallels between the two will always be the strongest!