When you are starting a business, you might fall into the same trap that many others do, and spend money on things you don’t need. Rather than try to be prudent in the first few months, some business owners spend money on many areas that could be left until later. However, there are some things that you need to spend money on, and areas where you shouldn’t be thrifty. Here are some of those essential expenses you need to start your business journey:

Business Plans

The essential part of starting any business is the plan. It sets out what you are planning to do and how you will get the results you want. Not everyone knows how to write a good business plan or what needs to be in it, so you might need to get some help. There are companies and individuals which can give you some tips, or they can even create it with you. Although you might think that this is a waste of money, this plan will not only help to get investors on board, but it will also help you to work with suppliers and clients, as well as the goals and target you need to hit.

Market Research

Even though you think that you have a great idea for a new product or service, it doesn’t mean that the public will agree with you. It might be that you end up spending a lot of money on something that no-one wants. To try and avoid this, you need to do your market research to find out what the public thinks about your new idea. A good marketing strategy can also show you more than if they like the product; it can also advise you about what they will be prepared to pay and if they would recommend it. It is this data that is so important for your company, and although it will cost money to arrange, it will potentially save even more.

Good Software and Hardware

If you want to save time and get the best results, then you need to invest in good software and hardware. For example, when you are starting out, keeping up with your taxes and other financial transactions can become difficult. The best way to deal with this is to choose software like UltimateTax to do the hard work for you. The same applies to hardware; you want a computer that will be able to keep up with the demands of your work. If you are a designer, then some of the software you need will demand a fast and powerful computer to give you the best performance.


In business, who you know is highly important because the connections you make can lead to better business deals or valuable support. Networking is more than just collecting names and contact details; it’s about getting to know people that can help you in your venture. You might even find someone willing to collaborate in a marketing strategy or an outlet store. It means that you may need to buy someone a dinner here and there, especially if they are more important than you in the business world. You might think this is not the way to do business, and it doesn’t mean you will fail if you don’t, but it can give you some valuable help when you need it.


Unless you are savvy in the world of accounting, you should consider hiring a reputable accountant to help you. They can offer you valuable advice on investments and what assets you have. They can also be a good way to help you spend money wisely and effectively. Many accountants have dealt with new business owners before, so they are used to the problems they can face. They have also accrued a lot of experience on what goes wrong, so they are a good source of advice. Your accountant will also be able to help keep you organized where your invoices are concerned. They will ask for them periodically, so it will help you keep them in order.

Customer Service

Not investing in customer service is like not putting a roof on your house. Your customer service will help your company to make sales and encourage existing customers to return. It also builds your reputation and promotes word of mouth. If you don’t invest properly in your customer service team, then you will likely cause customers to become frustrated and go elsewhere. A case in point is the annual release of the best and worst companies when it comes to their customer service. It shows just how important the media and customers think this area of business is.

Marketing and Branding

You don’t need to have a massive campaign that will cost you a lot of money, in fact, some of the most successful campaigns have been simple. However, you will need to spend some money on branding and marketing to get your company out to the customers. Some of it such as social media can be done without cost, but adding paid advertising can work well. When it comes to your branding, hiring a designer to help you achieve the right look can make all the difference.

Technical Support

Just like the marketing and branding, technical issues can take time to resolve and maintain. If you don’t have a wide knowledge of websites or how to maintain them, then this is better handled by someone that does. If you make a mistake, then it can cost you more to repair it, so it is a wise investment. You should also hire someone to build the website for you, they will often know what the best design for your company will be, and they can make it comply with all of the laws and requirements such as your privacy policy and cookie policy.

The money you invest in your company is not wasted if it means you will get the best results you can. Good investments are more than buildings and supplies, its also about making the company run smoothly.