There was a time when the fastest growing companies in Miami could easily be identified within just two industries: hospitality and the import/export trade. However, as time went on and the Internet exploded, Miami has become even more of an international player in big commerce.

Now, if you just look at some of the fastest growing companies, you will see that a large percent of them are based online and in a number of different industries you just wouldn’t envision when you think of the Magic City.

Miami Is the Magic City in More Ways than One

First, before looking at a few of the fastest growing companies it is interesting to note the origins of Miami’s nickname, The Magic City. As history has it, Miami grew just over 100 years from about 1,000 residents in 1896 to just about five-and-a-half million in 2006.

Annual tourists, or snowbirds as they are called by the locals, said the city seemed to grow as if by magic from one winter to the next. Now it seems as though Miami is a magic city in terms of fast-growing companies. According to, a great number of those companies are operating in the digital realm. When it comes to eCommerce, Miami seems to be setting the standard in more ways than one.

IT Companies Making Their Mark in Miami

With companies like Truelogic Software Solutions, Miami is making its mark in the IT industry. In fact, Miami companies of all sizes and in all industries are reaching further afield by establishing a strong online presence. From startups looking to hit the market running with a successful online marketing campaign to Miami companies looking to do business in the Cloud, web development firms are also booming.

In fact, one of Miami’s fastest growing companies is a web development and marketing firm in the business of helping other companies grow rapidly. Eventige is a web development and marketing firm with huge growth potential. Click here to see just how they are able to help other local companies reach their own growth potential.

Latinos Are Coming into Their Own

When carefully examining the rapid growth of companies in the Magic City, it is interesting to note that more than 50 percent of these fast-growing companies are Latino owned and/or operated. From pharmaceutical companies specializing in fertility drugs, to boat and vessel manufacturers, industrial and commercial growth is now reaching many more industries than hospitality and tourism. The large influx of Latinos over the past several decades has aided this growth, and the forecast for the future is that Latinos will represent even a larger portion of the pie.

Yes, Miami truly is the Magic City because its growth in unexpected sectors seems to have happened as if by magic. Even a few short years ago, no one would have thought that the tourism or import/export industries wouldn’t continue to reign supreme. Miami is quickly becoming a leading IT hub to contend with, making it easy to forecast continued growth well into the third decade of the new millennium and beyond.