The Good Word

Navigating through the ever thickening mire of Wall Street news can be daunting to say the least. Finding a source that supplies you with fresh, unbiased, and accurate news is crucial to keep the intelligent investor in the know. And the more you know, the better decisions you can make regarding your investments. 

That’s the goal with this website, our weekly newsletter, and VVI as a whole. We strive is to bring you relevant investing insights so you can equip yourself with the knowledge to make smart investment decisions. However, we can’t always provide you with day-to-day breaking news (It’s a one man show here at VVI, in case you didn’t know). In order to fill this information gap, we’ve teamed up with Finimize!



Who Are They?

Finimize is a free newsletter that supplies readers with precise, balanced, and easily digestible financial news daily. They cut to the chase with the main headlines and give you everything in a short read, usually around 3 minutes or so.

Another exceptional thing about Finimize, is that they break down each topic into bite-size pieces and ask the important questions, such as:

  • What’s Going On Here?
  • What Does This Mean?
  • Why Should I Care?

This makes it very easy for the beginner to understand, without pandering. Even the for the experienced investors, the daily news roundup that Finimize provides saves the reader precious time scouring the web.

Finimize gets a solid stamp of approval from VVI, and we consume their content daily. If you are interested in joining the newsletter, you can click right here to join over 400,000 happy readers!

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Note: VVI is a registered affiliate of Finimize.