WordPress is the name of that blessing which has blessed the life of every aspiring blogger. It is safe to say that this shared blog hosting provider is extremely user-friendly and customer oriented. However, errors such as The Error Establishing a Database Connection can be troublesome for one and all. These databases are one of the most important aspects of using the WordPress. Therefore, an error in its working could mean a disturbed blog site. This information is scary enough to make you worry, but not really if you are thorough with the in-depth functioning of a database in WordPress.

Read-on to discover various ways to solve the errors in a WordPress Database and how exactly does a database help you organize your blog site.

  • What are WordPress Databases and why do you need them?

A Database stores all the information about your webpage. In simpler words, whenever you visit a page, it connects to the database to establish a connection and display the information. If the database is rendered, then your webpage wouldn’t be redirected, at all. Usually, most hosting sites do not pay much attention to database. However, the WordPress enables a user to open the platform only after you allow the database to synchronize with cache stored in your computer.

  • Let us look at the reason why Databases are important?

The database stores the information of all the visitors to your webpage, such as social media details.

Unlike other platforms where you could lose all your content within a finger click, the WordPress database stores the entire information about every post that you make.

It stores the taxonomic information about your webpage, that is, the categories and tags.

  • What are the possible reasons which give rise to Error establishing a database connection in WordPress?

Even though WordPress is known for its easy operation working mechanism, it takes a lot of components altogether that constitutes a WordPress website. Many of these Modern Content Management System particles can go through errors due to various reasons. Some of these most probable reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Did you check if your server was down?

This is the most obvious scenario where a disconnected server will not let the database make a connection with the website. This might happen due to an increase of traffic on your server which might break it down for a while.

  1. Your database is corrupted

If you don’t know the literal meaning or the word corrupted, then here it is. Whenever a said file suddenly stops working, or in cases where your text file shows weird symbols and language, it is known as a corrupted file. This is what happens with the databases which lead to WordPress being unable to decipher the information. The corruption occurs due to errors while saving the respective file.

  1. Did you enter wrong login credentials?

It only makes sense for the database to stop working if you enter incorrect login details. It tends to store a lot of your personal and website information which requires you to enter the correct login details. The reason is really simple behind this hard to get through security if anyone gets beyond this with wrong login details they can pretty much hack your website.

Once you have recognized the reason behind the breakdown of your database, you can work on fixing it. Fortunately, the WordPress has a solution to each of the above-mentioned bugs that lead to errors while establishing databases.

  • How to fix the Errors establishing a database connection?

Now comes the part that everyone has been long waiting for; how to fix the errors establishing a database connection? Well, read on if you wish to discover the secret behind easy fixing solution for all the three issues. These are a must try to troubleshoot solutions that every WordPress user should swear by.

  1. Go to the WordPress Repair Database Feature

This feature is not enabled on its own, so if you want to access it, you need to first enable it. This feature will help you correct the corrupted files in cases where you cannot access your backup. The only needful accessory for this method is to have a file transfer protocol, that is, FTP. Once you have it, follow the steps given below:

  1. On the panel located on the right-hand side, visit the root folder on your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Now right click on the wp-config.php and select View/Edit option.
  3. You will be redirected to a word file on your desktop.
  4. Carefully scan the entire data in the file and look for the statement called, “That’s all, stop editing! Happy Blogging”
  5. Now go back and copy paste the above mentioned statement right above the line: “define(‘WP_Allow_Repair’,true);
  6. Simply save the changes in the file and close it.


  1. If method number 1 did not work it means that your login credentials are incorrect. To fix it, visit the Manage Database screen to see the username of your database which is mentioned under the DB name. Now look for an option saying, Change Password. Make sure you keep a note of your username and password. Once done, simply log in with correct login credentials and repeat the steps mentioned in method one.
  2. If it wasn’t your login credentials then the only way is to restore the backup of your database. But the last hurdle standing in line is the fact if you are unable to access your WordPress dashboard. Since you are using a free hosting, you cannot visit the Control Panel of your web hosting service. The only way left out is:

Using the FTP client, navigate your backup storage in your computer. Look for files with the name: Uploads, Plugins, and themes. Now:

  1. Log in using the FileZilla
  2. In the Root folder, delete all the files
  3. Copy paste the files you have just located
  4. Now come to the left side panel and click on WordPress Database
  5. Delete everything from the database
  6. Click on the import tab and restore the files from your computer in .xml format.
  • Our Verdict:

We hope the above-mentioned guide is a make believe that no error is as difficult to fix as it looks. Follow the steps carefully and you should be able to run your WordPress just about right.

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