Selling merchant cash advances makes for easy money for merchants and business owners alike. There may be merchants and business owners who are looking for quick money for growth reasons.

Perhaps they want to upgrade their business equipment, but can’t because they don’t have the liquid cash for it.  Another reason you might want to sell merchant cash advances is if the merchants and business owners are unable to secure a normal line of credit and they need quick money to buy inventory.

There are plenty of other good reasons why business owners or managers seek out merchant cash advances, or MCAs. It is because of these reasons you need to learn how to sell merchant cash advances properly.

1. Find the people who need a merchant cash advance.

The first thing you want to do to sell a merchant cash advance is go out and search for people who are in desperate need of it. You have to keep in mind that clients who need merchant cash advances will not come to you. It is you who must search for them and talk to them.

  • You must go out and talk to a lot of different people, especially merchants and business owners who are in desperate need of merchant cash advance.
  • If you talk to like 50 or more merchants or business owners, chances are there could be five of them who need a merchant cash advance now.

2. Get your name out there.

The second thing to do is to get your name out there and let these merchants and business owners know that you are selling merchant cash advances.

  • Letting people know that you are offering merchant cash advances is extremely important. Even if there are only a few people who need the merchant cash advance now, there could be more people who need it in the future.
  • Letting these people know that you are offering merchant cash advances also prevents them from going to your competition when the time comes that they need it for their business.

3. Presentation is key.

The presentation is very crucial when it comes to selling merchant cash advances. Merchants and business owners’ reaction to merchant cash advances is often either black or white. They may not be upset with what you do or don’t have to offer, but they will most likely tell you that they don’t need it.

  • To present your merchant cash advance services better, you must first let them know what an MCA really is and ask if they have tried to get this kind of loan before. By doing so, you’ll immediately see if they need merchant cash advance or not.
  • If the merchant shows interest in your offering, you must indicate that you will get it done for them today and not later. They only became interested in your offering because they need money urgently and this is what you must do to be successful with them: give them the money they need now.
  • If they don’t need it, don’t forget to give them your contact number so they’ll have a means of getting in touch with you when the time comes and they need a merchant cash advance.

4. Put a strong emphasis on the advantages of merchant cash advance.

When pitching merchant cash advances to your clients, you might want to mention more about the advantages or benefits of merchant cash advance. These will help convince your clients that they need your merchant cash advance now. Here are some advantages of merchant cash advances that you might want to use to pitch to your clients.

  • Merchant cash advances are quick money. Tell your clients about how fast they can get approval for merchant cash advances and get the funds they need.
  • Perfect credit is not necessarily needed. You can also tell your clients that they don’t have to worry about their poor credit score when getting approval for merchant cash advances. Tell them that they are more likely to be approved than rejected.
  • There is no borrowing limit. Tell your clients that merchant cash advances can give them the opportunity to borrow a huge amount of funds for their business.

There are still a lot of ways that a merchant cash advance can be a big help to your clients. Use these benefits to your advantage to entice your clients and convince them that they need a merchant cash advance.

Prepare Yourself and Learn Everything About MCAs

Just make sure that you know everything about merchant cash advance and the industry before you start selling MCAs. You must study all the features and the fundamentals of merchant cash advances, so that when you sell it to your clients, you’ll be able to explain it to your clients very well. This means knowing how to sell merchant cash advances and its intricacies can greatly aid in your endeavors.

You must always have the future in mind when selling merchant cash advances to your clients. Your existing clients may refer other merchants to you depending on the experience you’ve given them. Providing great experiences with MCAs means you earn more leads who will buy additional merchant cash advances from you. The more potential leads you can get, the better off your company will be at selling merchant cash advances.



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