Consumer loans used to be the domain of large financial institutions. If you wanted to invest in consumer loans back then, you had to buy some shares in a large financial institution. However, times have changed, and anyone can now invest in consumer loans including you. Those who want to borrow money don’t have to solely rely anymore on large financial institutions as they can simply turn to you once you invest in consumer loans. But as you might not have any banking experience at all, you might have little to no idea as to how you can start investing in consumer loans. The tips listed below should help you on your way to becoming a peer-to-peer lender yourself:

1. Choose a peer-to-peer investment platform that can make investing in consumer loans easy for you.

Before you can start investing in consumer loans, you’ll first have to find a peer-to-peer investment platform. But what exactly is an investment platform, you might ask?

You can best think of an investment platform as an interactive wallet. More than just an online repository where you can see all your assets thus far, you can also buy and sell investments in an investment platform. In the case of a peer-to-peer investment platform, it’ll provide you with a list of pre-screened consumer loan requests from people who want to borrow money.

2. Finance the consumer loan that you’ve chosen from your preferred peer-to-peer investment platform.

Once you’ve chosen a peer-to-peer investment platform as well as a consumer loan request from a list that it has provided you, you can then view the terms of the consumer loan itself as well as the details of the borrower in question to help you decide further whether to invest your money in it or not.

As the term itself implies, peer-to-peer lending involves more than just one consumer loan investor. Thus, you can choose how much money you’re willing to invest in a consumer loan as long as your fellow investors are fine with the amount that you’ll put out to finance it.

The borrower of the consumer loan that you’ve invested your money in should then pay your investment back to you every month until they’ve already settled it in full.

3. Spread your investments across more than one consumer loan.

If you’ve got some extra money to spare, you can diversify your investments between several consumer loans so that you’ll get a higher return compared to investing in only one consumer loan. Spreading your investments into multiple consumer loans may be a good idea in the long term.


Consumer loans in Norway are quite popular that as of March 2018, consumer credit in the said European country had climbed up to more than 3.3 trillion Norwegian kroner. But whether you’re in Norway or some other country, the reality is that some people take out consumer loans from peer-to-peer lenders instead of traditional lending institutions. If you’ve had a hard time taking out a consumer loan in a bank before, you can help other people avoid the same fate by becoming a peer-to-peer lender yourself. However, before you can start trying your hand at peer-to-peer lending, you should start investing first in consumer loans, and the above-listed tips should make it easier for you to accomplish it.

Kathy Clarkson

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