The year 2019 is about to enter the final quarter, so any investments in business or stocks should largely be done with 2020 in mind. Those looking to invest in their own start-ups will obviously find the UK to be quite accommodating, as new ventures are constantly being encouraged by the government. The only question is, where should you invest?

Plastic Recycling

There’s enough plastic in the ocean to choke marine animal life that live thousands of meters below the surface. This sad fact has come to the attention of the public recently, meaning two things:

  • There aren’t enough plastic recycling facilities available.
  • The raised public awareness and the shocking proof is making the government take stricter measures to control plastic waste.

Even now, plastic recycling facilities are in high demand, but come 2020, the demand and awareness will reach new heights, which makes this sector just perfect to invest in.

Hardware Manufacturing

The technological revolution with smartphones, smart appliances, and smart everything that is happening all around us has also created a huge demand for suppliers. From basic screws and bolts, to PCBs and complicated sensors that are mostly manufactured and supplied by lesser known, smaller companies, this can be your company too.

However, among other expenses, one of the continuous concerns with setting up a small hardware manufacturing plant is the price of energy. Business energy suppliers in the UK are charging more money with every passing year, and sometimes sooner!

Given that manufacturing of any kind highly depends on a steady supply of industrial electricity, the expenses can get out of hand if you do not compare quotes from various business energy suppliers first. Visit the Utility Bidder website and negotiate for the best quotes from energy providers with their help before signing up for a contract. Potentially, you could save a small fortune down the line.

Cloud Service or SaaS

SaaS or Software as a Service (SaaS) is extremely popular now, in the B2B sector in particular. The ease of setup, low costs and the ability to conduct almost everything on the digital platform has made SaaS a goldmine, but not for everybody.

In order to successfully launch a SaaS company, the investors need to consider whether they have the right technological experts onboard who are needed to develop and maintain the entire setup. Additionally, almost every possible cloud service already has multiple competitors, so the idea needs to be innovative enough to click. Fortunately, SaaS is still comparatively new and there’s a lot that can be done here.

Even if you are not exactly the business owner, but more of an investor, look for ways to help the business do better, especially because your interests are directly tied with the start-up’s success. You can pass some of these pointers on to the business owner by investors early on, so that they can avoid wrong investments and unnecessary utility bills, to save what is essentially their own money!