“Stock Market has crashed”, this headline has become one of the most repeated headlines for news agencies. With the world-leading countries entering the new warfare, such as the USA and China trade war, the most immediate effects can be seen in the stock market.

Whenever there is such kind of incident, investors begin to lose money from their investments in stocks. The share prices for the company go down and neither can you afford to sell it nor it is worth keeping it. This is the kind of loss investors usually have to face.

The future has become unpredictable for how it will shape up financially. War threats loom over Sub-Continent and the Middle East, USA and China already engaged in the trade war, and economic conditions are deadlocked.

Stock markets are crash repeatedly, and this has been a worrisome situation for all the stakeholders involved. Investors now need to act smartly in order to avoid the catastrophic situation for themselves. They need to learn how to identify good stocks to buy for themselves and try to purchase those.

The secrets to remain relevant in the Stock Market

Many investors depend on the stockbrokers to buy and sell their stock assets. It might be a great option for most of us, and some stockbrokers really bring profits to the table. Still, you can’t trust somebody blindly and you should know the stock market yourself too.

The best thing you can do is to diversify your investment portfolio. Don’t put all your cash in the stocks of one company. There might be some great offerings from the stocks of one company, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The total investment you have needs to be divided into stocks of different companies. Also, you need ensure you are investing in different industries.

Investors must complete an analysis of the company’s performance in the market when looking to buy shares. You can have a look at the company’s earnings report and the history of dividends paid to the shareholders. If you are able to perform a technical analysis, then this is a bonus for you. This means you can go through financial instruments and identify opportunities for yourself.

The focus should not be on which stocks to buy. Remain aware of the opportunities to sell your stocks at a profit. The best time to sell the stock is when you detect the change in trends. Also, if a company’s growth slows down, sell them at the earliest opportunity possible.

Why Do Stocks remain the preferred choice of Investment?

The stock market still attracts a large pool of investment, and investors still believe in having valuable stock assets against their name. The prime reason why most people have entered the stock market industry is because it accommodates every kind of investment. Whether you have a small amount or thousands of dollars to invest, the stock market welcomes you with open arms.

This is the type of investment for which you don’t have to put in work to earn profits. Companies are doing all the hard work and they share profits with their shareholders who have invested in their business.

Owning a stock means it is a financial asset that you use at your own will. You can hold the shares asl long as you wish and sell them whenever you want to take a profit. Regular buying and selling stocks can generate handsome returns. Along with that, you can earn through dividends companies pay annually to its shareholders.

When you remain relevant in the stock industry, you have a wide variety of investment options available at your desk. Each company is looking to get your money and in return share profits with you. For each of the company’s shares you purchase, you can attend their AGMs and access their financial reports.

Innovation in Stock Brokerage Services

Stockbrokers play a major role in helping you understand what’s really bringing profits to the table. These companies regularly analyze investment opportunities and communicate them to their customers. Recently, there has been a sharp rise in online stock trading facilities. Here you can buy and sell from online stock broker accounts.

These online stock brokerages have reduced brokerage fees so you can invest more and get quick services. You are able to manage everything from your brokerage account. These websites are accessible from both desktops and smartphones, so investors can trade at their convenience.

Different online stock brokers have worked out their own pricing models. Some will charge a fixed percentage for each of the transactions you make and some platforms have monthly subscriptions. You can also buy stocks and make investments with your credit card. This has some financial implications, as credit card deposit fees are slightly higher.


We have seen the stock markets crashed and all the economic difficulties, but this is the story of every industry. You need to be patient enough to survive the crisis and prevent loss on your investments.

Stocks are a great financial asset, and we need to give importance to them as much we give to other assets.

The learning phase of each individual should continue. Your interest remains in the business news and how the stock markets are performing.

Identifying buying and selling opportunities and taking action can generate some positive returns.

So, we can conclude that buying stocks is still worth it in 2019. The requirement is to act smartly and make use of the technological advancements to your advantage.