Franchising is an investment-heaven for entrepreneurs. It has all the benefits of starting a business, but with a reduced risk. In addition to offering franchisees an already successful platform on which they can grow their wealth, franchises act as real-time skill providers to investors who would otherwise use guesswork to survive in the business world. The big name franchises that come to mind can cost 100s of thousands of dollars to get started, but there are also many franchises under $10k. Despite this investment option having lots of benefits, it can never be a one-time investment, and you will need to commit to it to truly enjoy the benefits.

With the content marketing landscape continuing to play a key role in the success of businesses, it might be wise to make it your forte. In fact, more than half of the world uses the internet, according to the Pew Research Center, not to mention that more than 88% of the American adult population (18- 29-year-olds) uses social media. To a keen investor, this is an opportunity to build brand presence.

Here is the pivotal role that content marketing will play for you as a franchise and how to improve success:

The Benefits of Content Marketing

Operating as a national brand may be your ultimate goal, but remember that you are also serving a local audience. Content marketing offers you a voice that will differentiate you as an individual business owner from the rest of the franchise. It is a tool to build trust among the local target audience.

Additionally, content marketing drives traffic both to your website and to your physical store, in the case that you have one. With online reviews helping to strengthen your blog’s localization and SEO, it will help to bring more people through your local store. The success rate of your content marketing strategy will depend on the time that you invest in it and how well you understand your audience.

Determine the Basics of Your Strategy

At its core, content marketing is a tool to help businesses resonate with their target customers by finding an intersection between the business’s expertise and the wants of the customer. As a result, excelling at it starts with learning the customers. Identifying what they yearn from a brand in your line of business will help you determine how to best portray the information to them.

Will you use education, inspiration, humor or motivation to display the message? Remember that every franchise location will have a different demographic that will call for a different marketing approach. It is also wise to determine the core reasons for approaching content marketing. Is it to build customer relationships or gather more inbound leads?

All these questions will make it easy to determine both the channel to display the content (videos, podcasts or written content) and where the content should originate from (individual franchises or the headquarters).

What Management Approach Will You Use?

For consistency purposes, the brand message of an individual franchise member should never contradict that of the general franchise. As such, all decisions you make towards content marketing should be on par with the expectations of the headquarters. What control can you have in tweaking the overall message to fit your local customers?

On the other hand, if you run your own website, who will be in charge of content marketing? In case you are making use of a variety of social platforms, you might need to leverage a content marketing platform to simplify the task. Simply put, determining the structure of your content marketing plans should play a key role in doing this.

Focus On Customer Satisfaction

It is much easier to offer your brand message to repeat customers than to potential ones. Furthermore, repeat customers will offer a great review on websites and market you through word of mouth which fosters a better brand positioning. When building your brand message, ensure that every aspect of the plan is customer-centric.


Franchising can only be worthwhile as long as the customer is happy. Luckily, content marketing is a tool for using whatever makes your customers tick to your advantage. Consider localizing your franchise’s message to reach out to more customers.