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Low Silver Values Show Promise for the Future

There is little hope of silver making a comeback this year, but experts have high prospects for the precious metal in 2018 and beyond. The latest reports on silver’s decline in value exhibit a pattern that some investors are saying is a sure sign of the commodity returning to its original value mark in coming years.

The Numbers of 2017

Silver has struggled just like every other metal this year. Many factors, including activity from the United States Federal Reserve and European Bank, have caused the commodity to dip well below the $20 an ounce mark, which has some investors nervous. Those with significant stakes in silver wonder if the metal can make a comeback after the September Contract SIU7, +1.62 percent settled at just over $15 an ounce. Such amount is well beneath its average minimum of $20 an ounce. While some investors are worried about their stakes, some potential silver investors are calling silver’s decline in value the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Grand Chance

It has been years since silver has been so cheap to purchase by the ounce, which is why some experts are advising skeptics to take a dive on the wild side of silver investing. Financial gurus claim that silver is on a patterned path that is destined for greatness in the end. According to such persons, banks, and other commercial traders have taken up bullish positions in silver investing while large chunks of paper silver have been sold. Such action, the experts argue, is a sign of silver regaining its footing and eventually rising back to the top of the value chain to accompany its gold partner. From this sense, one can consider 2017 as a setup year that propels the amount of silver investing forward. Silver bullion such as the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and American Eagle will surely be the cream of the crop if the experts are indeed correct in their analysis.


Although many believe that the value of silver is well on its way to recovery, there is no guarantee that the commodity will rise beyond its $15 value. In fact, there is always the possibility of silver dipping even lower before finally washing out and steadily making its way back to the top.

Regardless of what the commodity does shortly, should long-term investors be investing (or maybe more accurately speculating) in silver right now? Purchasing a few ounces of the metal now could either create detrimental results or lead to a fantastic outcome in which the buyer multiplies his silver investment ten times over per ounce.