The stock market is one of the greatest places wherein you need to invest your money because of its popularity. Stock investment is risky that is attracting the investors as you get the opportunity to gain huge profits. When you are able to manage the risks properly, then you can take advantage of this market. This way, you can earn money and secure your financial status. One primary benefit of stock investment is the opportunity for growing your money. With time, the stock market increase in value but the prices of the stocks increase or decrease daily. Investments that you make in a stable company grow and you can make profits.

Similarly, you can invest in various stocks that would help you in building wealth by capitalizing growth in various sectors. This results in profit through some stock may lose value. Some stocks offer income to the investors in the form of a dividend. Though all stocks may not offer a dividend, yet some do offer payments to the investors annually. Even if the stocks lose value but you can still make a profit by selling them. Dividend income shall help you to invest and this way, you can grow your investment portfolio. The stock market is extremely volatile and if you want to make a profit, you should know the market patterns using the wave analysis theory.


The investors who put money into various kinds of investment products have the possibility to make a huge amount of profit. Investment in a stock market has the advantage of offering diversification. The investments in a stock market change value that is independent of the other kinds of investments like a real estate or a bond. Holding stocks may help you to mitigate losses that you may incur on other investments. Stocks add risks and they also have the potential to make rapid and huge gains thus, helping the investors to avoid all risks or conservative investment strategies.

When you buy shares it means that you have become the owner of a company. It means that stock market investment brings benefits that are being offered to an owner of a business. The shareholders have the right to vote on the important decisions of a company. You will also receive an annual report from which you can know more about a company. Stock ownership is a way to tie up your finances to the success of a company. You can analyze the wave patterns of the stock market through Neowave.

Stock market patterns

The theory stock market patterns ‘Neowave’ was developed by Glenn Neely. This theory is an expanded version of Elliot’s concepts and ideas. It has its technique for analyzing the waves. This theory brings in additional and more advanced features compared to Elliot theory. At the same time, it tries to improve the predictive power of Elliot. In the Neowave theory, time plays an important role. The time duration of a stock market wave pattern can decide whether the pattern has been completed or not. A pattern cannot take too little or too much time to complete.