There is a world of a difference between having a website and not having one. If you want to generate online revenue, things become much simpler if you already have a website in place. There are many ways you can make money online by starting a website. Here are 4 methods that can help you in this regard.

1. Email Marketing

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When creating your website using Wix, you can also access the Wix app market and choose the best email marketing app to promote your products/services and generate revenue. It provides you with just the right tools required to build your email list. Email marketing allows you to not just bring new potential customers, but also existing subscribers back to your website. It is worth noting that repeat visitors are easier to convert.

There are so many different ways this marketing strategy helps:

  • Direct email promotions of products/services
  • Generate reports that can be monetized
  • Driving traffic back to your site

There are so many reasons email marketing is so effective. It is a direct marketing method targeting people who are already interested in what you offer.

Anyone can setup their email marketing campaign with Wix apps. It requires just a few clicks and keystrokes.

2. Sell Products Directly

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If you have a product to offer, you can create an online store using Wix and sell it directly. This website builder not only allows you to create a feature-rich online store, you can also install all the tools required to generate high volume of traffic and revenues.

The Wix app market has apps like SEO Wiz, WixInvoices and other tools that make it easier for even new users to add powerful features to their websites.

SEO is also one of the best options as it can boost your website’s ranking, and these tips will help you learn how to apply it

Whether you have digital products, electronic gadgets, health and wellness products, automotive products or anything else, you can create a powerful online store and sell your products directly.

3. Sell Your Services

Do you have a plumbing service, air conditioning installation and repair services or any other kind of services to offer to your clients? Creating a website using Wix is already simple, but generating income can be even simpler.

You can not just create pages explaining your services, there are many apps within Wix’s app market to help you sell those services. From scheduling appointments to receiving payments, you can create a full-fledged website that makes it a breeze to sell your services.

4. Run Workshops & Provide Training

If you are an expert in anything, you can also make money online by providing training and workshops through your website. You can create podcasts, videos and audios of your tutorials and sell through your website. The Wix app market provides a wide range of apps to help you achieve this.

You could also get other experts involved once your website starts generating large volume of traffic and service requests. This strategy can help you generate lot of revenue. You could also create packages and sell your tutorials. Once you have established yourself as an authority in your field, you may also receive invites from people and organizations to speak at their events.

How to Create a Website Using Wix?

Now that you know how you can make money online by creating your own website, you should first have a website in place. Wix provides you a quick and simple platform where you can create your own website without the need for any previous experience. And you can also add all the above-mentioned features to sell your products or services without any professional help.

Choose the Best Template

Wix offers hundreds of templates for each category. Each category has a subcategory so that you can choose a template that is perfect for your niche. Whatever type of business, nonprofit organization, educational institution or other service you are running, you are find a template that’s just ideal for you.

Edit the Template

Once you have selected the template, you can easily edit it. The Wix Website Builder user interface is quite simple to use. You can add/edit images, fonts, audio/video and much more. All the different design and functional elements on each page can be edited/deleted/added.

  • If you have a news website, you can choose the right template to add long-form content
  • You can add videos to demonstrate your product/service usage
  • You can add and edit images

Add Functions

The Wix App Market is an in-house app market from Wix. You can choose from hundreds of apps and install them in just a click. There is no need for complex coding to add functions to your website. If you want to add a payment processor, shipping management feature or booking management feature, there are apps to handle all these different functions.

Wix is one unique website building platform where you can find everything from A to Z to create and complete your website. It comes with domain name and web hosting services too. This makes it just perfect for all types of users who want to create their website and start generating revenues. This makes it a single point of contact for all your website creation and management needs. There is no need to go to a third party for web hosting and domain name services.