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Vintage Value Investing Premium Membership

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Here’s what you get as a VVI Premium Member:

Two in-depth stock reports a month (24/year)

Submit research requests for analysis

Full library of premium reports



Intelligent Investing

Vintage Value Investing is a site where I try to promote intelligent investing principles in order for investors to make the smartest investing decisions possible. You could be the most “book smart” investor in the room and discuss investing theory, portfolio management, and analyze a hedge fund’s latest moves until the end of time. But at the end of the day, it’s all meaningless unless you can do something with that insight.

For this reason, I have created the Vintage Value Investing Premium Membership. I wanted to be able to take all the lessons I have learned from all the books, videos, podcasts, lectures, and blogs, and put it into practice by doing the one thing that matters most in investing: analyzing and valuing companies.

Premium Stock Research

As I have found through much repetition, analyzing a company is hard. It’s not only hard, but time-consuming. Sometimes, I have spent an entire week just analyzing one company. This is to ensure that I conduct my entire due diligence, but also because I enjoy the stimulating mental exercise of analysis.

Now, many people don’t find researching stocks to be enjoyable at all. I get it; it can be extremely tedious and boring, especially if you don’t know where to start. My goal is to provide members with in-depth analysis and insight, and hopefully save them the time and effort of researching, analyzing, and valuing a company themselves.

What You Get

In the membership, members will get two comprehensive research reports a month, about 4,000 to 6,000 words in length. These reports are not “Hot stock! Buy now!” type of publication. It’s tempting to write about these kinds of stocks, but in the end, few offer great value to investors.

My offer is simple: offer great analysis on companies that (hopefully) will offer great returns.

Here’s the information you can expect in each report:

  • Qualitative Analysis
    • Overview and strategic analysis
    • Business operations
    • Economic moat analysis
    • Management effectiveness
    • Industry competition
  • Qualitative Analysis
    • Income Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Peer Comparison
  • Categorization and Valuation
    • Stock categorization and holding strategy
    • Multiple valuation methods (at least two)
  • Final Assessment
    • Company synthesis
    • Short-term projection (1-5 years)
    • Long-term projection (6-10 years)
    • Final thoughts

Additionally, members will have access to the entire library of premium reports that will be posted to the site. Members will also be able to submit research requests to have their favorite company analyzed. If you are paying for content, I think you should at least have a say as to what that content should be.

Free Report

As a show of good faith, you can check out a free stock report below. This is exactly the type of research report that you can expect to receive twice a month as a premium member.

General Dynamics (GD) Research Report

If you would like to read some surface level analysis of companies for free, then consider subscribing to my free weekly newsletter: Stock Spotlight.


The annual price will be $199 per year, which runs about $16.60 per month. Divide that by two, and you are paying just over $8 per report. My goal is to offer you a great product at a fair price.

As a bonus, I plan to add more tiers to the service in the future with additional content. To reward your readership, premium members will be offered a heavy discount to the next tier of service if they so choose to upgrade.


Other services offer a lot more reports, but I believe in quality over quantity. You only need a few good ideas a year to be a successful investor. My objective is to deliver you those good ideas.


Thanks as always for reading, and welcome aboard!


Dillon Jacobs