Moissanite is considered one of the more affordable alternatives to diamonds and could even pass as a diamond for the untrained eye. Some even claim that the moissanite is the world’s most brilliant gemstone, but of course, nothing truly compares to diamonds when properly analyzed.

When weighing moissanite’s pros and cons, the experts decides that the mild imperfections in moissanite (compared to diamond) are only visible when the gems are magnified 10x. But, for most consumers, what matters is only what you can see with the naked eye. So, if a moissanite looks just as beautiful as a diamond, and it also have a more approachable price tag, this is all that matters.

View of diamond, close-up.

View of moissanite, close-up.

This popularity of the moissanite as a diamond alternative might just be a pro for investing in this gemstone, even if it’s inferior to the diamond, from a technical standpoint. After all, the laws of supply and demand dictate that if a product is popular enough, it might just make a wise investment.

Of course, nothing can be an accurate predictor of how the market will behave after a few years; avoid the over-confidence investing model.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the moissanite gemstone so that you will be able to decide what would work best for you and your plans.

Moissanite Pros

#1. Affordability

Of course, moissanite is so popular today because it is much more affordable than authentic diamonds. It is as brilliant as a diamond and many couples prefer to go for this more affordable option either, so they can choose a bigger stone for the same money, or to do something else with the money saved instead. A moissanite engagement ring can be bought for as low as $200, compared to about $600 for a diamond one.

#2. Brilliance

Strictly measuring the refractive index of the gemstone (aka its capacity to shine and reflect light), moissanite actually performs better than a diamond. People claiming it’s the most brilliant gemstone in the world may actually be on to something. The caveat, however, is that this only measures the stone’s brilliance, not accounting for the inclusions it contains. On average, inclusions accounted for, diamonds still outshine moissanite stones.

#3. No visible inclusions (with the naked eye)

As mentioned above, moissanite contains no visible inclusions that can be observed with the naked eye. When the image is magnified 10x, such inclusions may start to appear, though. Still, you should know that this last point is a really powerful pro, since there are also plenty of diamonds with a similar level of inclusions. Some diamonds even have more inclusions than moissanite, and still bear a higher price tag just due to their cult status.

An emotionally charged gift can be made with either diamond or moissanite.

Moissanite Cons

#1. Doesn’t have the cult status of diamonds

This will sound silly compared to the cold-facts presented in the pros section above, but the biggest problem with moissanite is that diamonds simply have that ring to it. The word has idealized diamonds for so long that they are considered the supreme standard when it comes to gems, so that the moissanite’s qualities, more than comparable, simply don’t matter.

#2. Not as valuable as a diamond

As a result, moissanite is just not as valuable as diamonds, and probably will never become so, either. If people have gotten used to idealizing diamonds so much, any other similar stone will also be available for less value. It’s a subjective way of crediting a perfectly beautiful and brilliant stone, but it is what it is.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, the cons of moissanite have more to do with subjective value turned objective than with any actual stone properties. It’s a shame that this beautiful stone isn’t valued as highly as diamonds, but an investor needs to orient himself or herself according to the market’s demand.

In this case, the secondary status of moissanite may be both a pro and con for investing it, depending on the strategy you aim to go on. If you want a sure-fire way to invest in luxury items, but with smaller returns, diamonds are the safest option. If you want to follow the market’s flow and invest in a more affordable item that gained traction and popularity, moissanite is definitely worth it.

Photo credits: Pexels and Shutterstock.