Imagine it’s a bright sunny day and you’re happily heading to work. Just as you leave your house, you get a call from your doctor and they ask you to meet them immediately. Clueless, you go to meet them and they say that you have been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

What would you do under such a circumstance? A normal individual would make all the necessary calls, get admitted as soon as possible, tell their family how much they love them and some might even start making a Will. However, this was not the way Walter White dealt with it.

After he was told that he was diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer, he was shattered and wanted to do all that he could to ensure his family were ok when we was gone. He wasn’t sure what to do until he came across Jesse Pinkman, who was also a former student of his.. After a series of interesting events, Mr. White decides to team up with Jesse and cook ‘meth’ (methamphetamine), a highly illegal drug.

Though Mr. White started dealing in meth to provide for his family after his death, his decision leads to a series of interesting and intense events that end up making Mr. White no less than a drug lord.

Breaking Bad broke all records of acclaim and was overwhelmingly successful with its audiences. However, the show can also serve as a rule-book for anyone wanting to run a business by themselves. There are several instances, philosophies and events in the show that would give valuable lessons to a budding entrepreneur.

Provided that you use them in a positive way and deal in legal commodities, the show teaches you how to start, run and prosper a business organisation. Here are some of the lessons that Breaking Bad teaches you as far as running your (lawful) business empire is concerned:

You Are Sure To Succeed If You Work In Sync With Your Passion!

Walter White was immensely passionate about his subject, Chemistry, which he taught in high school. He loved the subject and enjoyed teaching it even if the students weren’t at their attentive best.

In fact, it was the passion for Chemistry that led Mr. White to start cooking meth. The meth cooked by Walter White started getting popular as the purest form of drug across the country (and even a little beyond borders!) This couldn’t have happened without his love for the subject.

Similarly, you can never run a business half-heartedly. You will only be able to succeed and make a fortune if you’re passionate towards your venture. If you are passionate, you will be able to bring in better innovations and work harder to make your business venture successful. No matter how bizarre it is, your passion would always help you excel in whatever decision you make.

You Can’t Survive Longer Without A Strong Team!

Neither Mr. White nor Jesse would have been able to pull off the activity of making the purest meth in the country on their own. Jesse was a junkie who hardly had any knowledge about making a drug like meth. However, he has good contacts and people he could use to build a strong network of dealing in the drug.

On the other hand, Walter White was a novice when it came to selling drugs, but was a master in making it. These skills acted like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly with each other in order to set up a successful empire.

The same rule applies in handling a business empire. There are several activities performed on a daily basis and it is not humanly possible for a single individual to carry out all of them. This is why a business organisation is made up of several people who work in sync with each other and help the firm to achieve its objectives.

There Is Immense Power In Negotiation!

Wherever there is money involved, no one would give you anything unless they’re on the safe side. People will always think twice before spending money, no matter what the denominations are.

If you are out there selling commodities in the market, you would rarely get them sold at a price you originally finalised. There would always be certain negotiations between you and your customers, where you would both arrive at a win-win rate.

Walter White and Jesse deal with numerous dangerous drug dealers and Mexican mafia throughout the show. Since their very first deal, the negotiation powers of Mr White were more than evident. Be it about setting the best price for his ‘blue meth’, setting up a meeting with a drug cartel or deciding upon the place to cook the product, Mr. White was spot on with making negotiations, which made him and his empire more confident.

As a businessman, you may have to deal with several people on a daily basis about making negotiations. You may have to set the best price for your product, convince the suppliers to give you the supplies at a cheaper rate and make many more such decisions that would require negotiations. Always be alert, updated and smart while making any business deal, making sure that the other party never has the upper hand!

Have A Rock-solid Plan And Stick To It!

Be it handling a drug racket or running a business enterprise, you can hardly go anywhere without a plan. Every time Jesse was in a serious trouble, Walter White was always up with a plan to get him out of the trouble. Every time his family was in trouble, Mr. White was ready with a plan to save them from danger and make sure they were safe. Also, Mr. White was ready with a plan to (spoiler alert!) kill the dangerous Gus Fring by manipulating him in the best possible way.

Without a plan, executing and running a business is impossible. As it serves as a blueprint of the strategies you are likely to implement in the near and distant future, you are less likely to falter if you have a business plan that is charted out really well.

You may need a plan for arranging your business finances. You may need a plan to advertise and promote your products. You may need a plan to acquire decent cash-flow finance for your firm. You may also need a plan to communicate within an organisation as well as with the entities outside the firm.

If you watch the show closely, Breaking Bad has several lessons for the budding entrepreneur to learn and imitate. Breaking Bad got recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most critically acclaimed show.

As the show talks about a plethora of human emotions and impulses as well, it does teach you how to build a business empire out of thin air and run it successfully to become a pioneer in the market!