Online Savings Tips 2 - Vintage Value Investing

An age old adage says, money saved is money earned. Annual gross national savings of Australia is 21.67% of its GDP for the year ending December 2016. Saving money is the best way to ensure that you have some backup in the future as future is filled with uncertainty. You might be earning well now but what if you are fired? While it is easy to splurge, savings will give you benefits in the future. Sometimes, you may want to buy something and it can be a bit expensive, saving comes in handy even in that case. Everyone shops online but does everyone save while shopping online? Here are some ripper ways to save while shopping online:

1. Reselling items you own

Every item that you own has some specific use to you. Things like books, games and CDs have little value to you once you are done using them. Why to keep adding the clutter at your place when you can resell the same items to others at attractive prices. This will not only help the buyer who gets the same item at a cheaper rate, but also helps you by selling things you could not use otherwise. You can use online sites to buy similar items so you don’t have to pay the dull price and then resell when you are done using it. Sounds logical, right? Reckon! It helps save for a rainy day too!

2. Compare prices

One of the best features of internet shopping is the dynamic pricing feature. Couple it with price comparator and you shall ace the buying domain. Not only do you check what’s the price offered by the same site on different days but you can also compare with prices offered by other sites on those days and then decide which will be the best site to go with. Checking site reviews is also important as after sales and service cost can be virtually nil if the site has good reviews.

3. Keep items in your cart

Keeping items in your cart ensures that you don’t just impulsively buy something but can also get you discounts as retailers are willing to offer discounts to close the deal and build a customer base.

4. Shop on the right days

Christmas, Boxing Day, Click frenzy or the third Tuesday of November are major shopping days some of which are unique to Australia. It is a better idea to shop on these days and get the discounts that almost all retailers will offer. You can also buy during the end of season sale; all retailers have end of season sale to clear out the stocks.  Sales on these days passed $2.5 billion in 2016.

5. Use coupon codes strategically

Coupon sites partner with major retailers and offer discounts on items which would have otherwise cost you a big bomb. When you join an e-commerce site, they will generally provide you with multiple coupons. Try to use these codes strategically. is one of the trustworthy sites which provides best deals using discount coupons as they have tie ups with top brands across all sectors.

6. Reward programs

Some sites offer you rewards simply for doing some actions. These actions are as simple as buying for a certain amount of price, downloading an app or forwarding message to few people. In return, you end up getting coupons which you can use to buy online to save money.

According to the recent survey, 48% people in Australia rely on government pension after retirement while 21% of people over the age of 65 have no savings at all. Start by saving small today and it will lead to a savings habit which will come very handy in the future.