It’s Q3 earnings season, which means investors are paying even more attention than usual to the stocks in their portfolio. These fundamental events can have big implications on stocks, and can reverberate throughout the market for several days or weeks.

In most cases, the numbers most investors care about are Earnings Per Share, or EPS, and sales. Wall Street economists routinely make estimates for what they expect these numbers to be. Whether a company exceeds or misses these estimates can often inform whether the stock will go up or down.

Take a look at the case of General Electric’s Q3 earnings, as seen in Benzinga Pro.

Benzinga Pro Review 1

Let’s digest this. Their adjusted EPS, or adjusted earnings per share, was $0.29, compared to a $0.49 estimate. That’s a miss. Their sales was $33.47 billion, against a $32.6 billion estimate. That’s a slight beat.

The report is mixed, which doesn’t say much about what the stock would do. But they also issued guidance, or their projection for Q4. You can see this in the top headline in the image above. The key word is “cuts.” GE is lowering their guidance for the quarter. Oftentimes it doesn’t even matter how much the guidance is lowered, just that it was lowered. Wall Street hates that.

It’s been a rough time for GE since this report, as sentiment has largely turned against the stock. Investors will have to keep an eye for what they say in their next earnings report in January for an update.

The information in this article was retrieved from Benzinga Pro, read on for a product review.


Benzinga Pro is the premium news and research platform developed by Benzinga, a financial media outlet dedicated to empowering traders and investors, and making the equities markets easier to understand.

Initially launched in 2012, Benzinga Pro has many different functions and use cases, depending on the type of trader or investor using it. Here’s a breakdown.

Who is Benzinga Pro good for?

Users who get the most value out of Benzinga Pro…

  • Pay close attention to breaking news, specifically in the U.S. equities market
  • Like the ability to search historical news catalysts related to stocks in their portfolio
  • Value a clean user interface
  • Want to be able to easily find relevant press releases and SEC filings
  • Do not want to have to stare at the platform all day in order to get the biggest news

What is on Benzinga Pro?

The Benzinga Pro platform is divided up into Widgets that users can use to customize their workspace screen.

Currently there are 5 different widgets: NEWSFEED, DETAILS, CALENDAR, WATCHLIST, and SCREENER. Users can have up to 4 widgets in a single workspace, and have an unlimited number of workspaces (or as many as your browser can handle!). They can also choose from a list of preset workspaces recommended by the Benzinga Newsdesk.

Benzinga Pro 2

The image above shows the Benzinga Pro dashboard users first see when opening the platform.

The NEWSFEED widget is the bread and butter of Benzinga Pro. It includes realtime headlines from Benzinga’s Newsdesk—which can be filtered by different categories, sectors, industries, or stocks—as well as an aggregation of press release newswires. Users can also view SEC filings directly in their newsfeed.

The NEWSFEED also includes Benzinga Signals; unlike the main newsfeed, which is curated by Benzinga’s Newsdesk, Signals are automated alerts triggered by unusual price action, trading halts, options alerts, and block trades.

Benzinga Pro 3

This image shows the NEWSFEED widget, filtered by every mention of AT&T and Time Warner as news involving their potential merger broke on November 2, 2017.

The CALENDAR widget offers an easy-to-read breakdown of various events, including IPOs, earnings, economic data, dividends, stock splits, analyst ratings, and more.

Benzinga Pro 4

This image shows a breakdown of analyst ratings on Facebook, as of November 2, 2017.

In addition to the 5 widgets on Benzinga Pro, there’s a bonus feature that’s particularly useful: the squawk.

Benzinga’s audio squawk is a live headline reader of the platform’s most actionable news. This is news that Benzinga’s Newsdesk feels is so important, so market-moving, a member of Benzinga’s Newsdesk will read the headline out loud to all users on its platform. Just make sure the squawk is open and your audio is on!

Where can Benzinga Pro be used?

Benzinga Pro is a web-based platform that is best used on a desktop or laptop. It can be used anywhere you have an internet connection.

Why should I get Benzinga Pro?

For all the information it packs, Benzinga Pro comes in at a bargain relative to its competitors. The most basic subscription package runs $99 per month, while the all-inclusive rate is $249 per month. They also throw in a free two-week trial to every new user, and a discount for users who purchase an annual subscription.

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Want to know more about how to use Benzinga Pro? Check out their help site. More information about pricing can be found here.