More than 17 million visitors, excluding those who came by land from neighboring Malaysia, arrived in Singapore in 2017 according to the country’s Department of Statistics. If it’s your first time to fly to another country, you might have thought that coming up with an itinerary, booking a hotel reservation, and packing whatever items you want to bring with you are enough. One thing you shouldn’t forget during your first international flight to Singapore is travel insurance.

You may be asking, though, why you’ll need travel insurance if Singapore is the safest country in the world. Here are some reasons that should convince you to get one:

  1. Flight delays

Imagine for a second that you’re at your local airport waiting to board that flight to Singapore when the PA system suddenly announced that all airplanes from the said country would arrive several hours late for any of the following reasons:

  • Heavy rainfall at the airport
  • A security threat in your country, such as a terrorist bombing or large-scale rioting
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

These unanticipated events may delay your flight to Singapore. Instead of spending your pocket money on meals and hotel accommodation while waiting for your flight, the travel insurance that can cover these expenses.

  1. Lost luggage

You made it to Changi Airport, and you’re waiting for your luggage to show up in the conveyor belt. Hours have passed and it still hasn’t appeared. So you approached the airline employees, and all they can tell you is that your luggage suddenly went missing.

Losing most of your belongings that you brought along with you to Singapore can be extremely stressful. But when you have travel insurance, some of that stress can go away as your insurance provider will reimburse the estimated cost of your lost luggage.

  1. A medical emergency

In case you do make it to Singapore without any flight delays and with your luggage intact, it doesn’t mean that you’re already risk-proof. You may be involved in an accident while sightseeing, which may leave you severely injured. Or you may experience food poisoning after eating street food that Singapore is famous for, which warrants a trip to the hospital.

You may already have health insurance to your name, but it most likely only applies to a medical emergency in your home country. Thus, you should avail of travel insurance so that you don’t have to pay for your hospital bills out of your pocket and worry about where to get money for your return trip afterward.

  1. Trip cancellation

No matter how much you’ve prepared for your first-ever international trip to Singapore, any of these last-minute incidents may happen to you that would force you to cancel all your plans:

  • Your boss withdraws your vacation leave and assigned you an urgent task that only you can accomplish.
  • You got sick a day or two before your scheduled trip to Singapore.
  • A natural calamity hit your area and affected your home.
  • A loved one dies.

You’ve already paid for your flight to Singapore as well as the hotel room you’ve booked. If you have travel insurance, your provider will reimburse the amount you spent on those two expenses as well as a few others you might have availed in advance. You can then use the money to reschedule your trip to Singapore on a later more convenient date or go elsewhere instead.


You love traveling, and all your domestic travels thus far turned out well. However, international travel entails you not to leave your overall safety to chance as the comforts that you enjoy in your country are thousands of miles away. Even if your first international travel is to a place as safe as Singapore, you’ll want to protect yourself from any untoward incident that might occur to you while exploring the different sights and sounds that the said country has to offer. Travel insurance such as AXA insurance for travelers is the answer, and the above-listed reasons should convince you to get one.