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Reviews & Resources


There are a ton of investment products on the market competing for your hard earned cash. To save you some time (and some money), I have partnered with a select few brokerages, research platforms, and newsletters to provide investors with an unbiased review of the services provided. 


All services are ones that I find useful and actually use myself to conduct research, buy stocks, manage portfolios, and keep track of current events. Each platform has their strengths and weaknesses, as I try to outline each in their respective reviews. Some offer free content, while others are paid subscriptions.


If you think any of these services fit your investment style, then feel free to use the affiliate links for a discount. Thanks for your support!


Stock Research Platforms

Stock Rover: Best platform for comparing stocks, my favorite platform for research.

Finbox: Outstanding platform for modeling and analysis, very affordable, perfect for experienced investors.

Stockopedia: Clean platform with proprietary ranking system, great screening capabilities.

Stock Card: Excellent platform for beginners, active community, incredible stock searching functionality.

Wallmine: Phenomenal free service, terrific for reading annual reports, offers portfolio tracking.



M1 Finance: Free brokerage suited for buy and hold investors, fractional shares, Simple “pie investing” strategy.



Finimize: Free daily newsletter; Four minute daily read; Great way to keep up with the markets.


Free Resources

Below are some great free resources for all things value investing. These span from in-depth industry research, portfolio tracking, and pleasure reading. Enjoy!


Fundamental Research Platforms

Stockrow: All-inclusive platform with screening, watchlists, charting, and 10 year financial data.

Finscreener: In-depth screener and analysis.

Wall Street Zen: Beautiful graphics and insights.

Macrotrends: Macro economic trends with interactive charting.

Quickfs: Easy to view 10 year financial statements, ratios, and metrics (ROIC, ROE, P/E, etc.).

SEC Edgar Database: Official SEC database with 10-K and 10-Q filings.

IPOscoop: Tracks the latest IPOs to arrive on the market.

MarketBeat: Great overall free research platform.


Portfolio Management 

Personal Capital: All-inclusive platform for investors to track their portfolios and net worth.

Portfolio Visualizer: Features unique modeling and back-testing portfolio performance.

Share Sight: Dynamic portfolio tracking, including dividends.


Hedge Funds, Insiders, and Famous Investors

Hedge Fund Letters: A compilation of quarterly letters from the best hedge funds on Wall Street.

Whale Wisdom: Tracks the 13-F filings for hedge funds.

Gurufocus: Follows hedge fund managers and famous investors.

Insider Monitor: Monitors insider trading activities.


Warren Buffett Specific

Berkshire Hathaway Letters: Archive of Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders

Buffett Partnership Letters: Buffett’s annual letter to partners from 1957 to 1970

Buffett FAQs: Chronicles the questions asked directly to Buffett and Munger at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings


Books, Blogs, Newsletters, and Research

You will notice that I do not include major news outlets as a resource, and that is for a reason. Mainstream news is a massive source of hype and negativity that I do not recommend investors subject themselves to, as it causes you to doubt and second guess your judgments. Below are some trusted sources of information and research that has helped me stay up to date and focused. 



The 10 Best Investment Books For Beginners: My top 10 books for novice investors. There are many more, but I highly recommend you read these first.


Novel Investor: Markets, stocks, history.

Steady Compounding: Good friend and brilliant writer.

Sven Carlin: Modern value investing and intelligent analyst.

Value Stock Geek: Classic value investing content.

Lyn Alden: Great research on macroeconomics and the overall stock market.

Investor Amnesia: Focuses the past stock market and economic events.

The Dividend Guy: Focused on dividend investing and early retirement.

Evidence Investor: In-depth evidence based approach.

A Wealth of Common Sense: Wealth management, financial markets and investor psychology.

The Acquirer’s Multiple Blog: Weekly round up of blog articles.

Value Investing News: Daily newsletter from other value investing blogs.

Stratechery: Big tech and their businesses.

Compound Advisors: All things investing and economy.

Jason Zweig: Renown investing author.

Institutional Investor: Follows hedge funds and executives.

Saber Capital Management: Amazing research and articles.

John Hancock: Weekly market recaps.

Visual Capitalist: Cool graphics.

How Much: More cool graphics.



AGB (A Good Business)

Security Analysis

Weekly 10-K

Steady Compounding

Grahmian Value


All the links below offer great insights for stock market and economic research.


Goldman Sachs

JP Morgan



Morgan Stanley

The Basis Point

US Bureau of Economic Analysis

Motley Fool Earnings Transcripts


YouTube Channels

Aswath Damodaran: Dean of valuation

The Investor Center: Clips of interviews with Superinvestors.

Sven Carlin: European value investor; intelligent analyst and author.

Daniel Pronk: Canadian value investor with thorough fundamental analysis.

Hamish Hodder: Australian value investor with great advice.

The Swedish Investor: Great book reviews.

The Plain Bagel: Basic value investing concepts.

Ben Felix: Common Sense Investing.

Michael Jay: American value investing with great tutorials.