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Welcome to Stock Spotlight!

While writing on this site, I found myself drifting towards writing mostly about stock valuations. So, in order to maintain high-quality content on my primary outlet, I decided to start this newsletter to allow myself the freedom to write about whichever company I wanted.


Here’s What Stock Spotlight is All About:

Each week I will pick a company to analyze. I will then screen the company by using Warren Buffett’s Four Investing Principles. If you are unfamiliar with what Warren Buffett looks for in a company, then you can check out my article on it here.


Here are Buffett’s Four Investing Principles:


  1. A business that we can understand
  2. A business that has favorable long-term prospects
  3. A business that is operated by honest and competent people
  4. A business that is available at an attractive price


Pretty simple, right? By using this template, we will come out on the other side of each analysis knowing:


  1. An understanding of the company’s business model
  2. Whether the business model is sustainable or deteriorating
  3. If the management is producing or destroying value for shareholders
  4. The company’s valuation


After going through these four principles, I will assign the stock a score depending on how well it screens through the principles. The perfect company will have a score of 4/4, while poor companies will have 1/4.



For the valuation, I will use my own Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model. While not every company should be valued the same way, I view the DCF model as the gold standard for any stock valuation.


To round out the report, I will also include an article or two that I think are worth checking out, as well as a music recommendation to give you something to listen to while doing your own research.


I view this newsletter as a tool to continue seeking out opportunities, while providing readers with some entertainment. Hopefully I can provide you with an idea or two!


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