Are you into forex investment trading? Then by now, you likely know some of the essential tools required for this business. If you are still new to this, we will guide you on some of the best tools you can use for your trade. Investment trading is very liquid and happens around the clock, globally. It’s one of the most sensitive and largest markets in the world, which you need to know how it operates beforehand. Here are some of the essential tools required in this business.


It’s a global online broker. Customers trade the retail Contract for difference and spread betting. It also sells indices, individual stock, bonds, and cryptocurrency. Clients can choose from the below accounts based on their individual needs,

  • Standard account: suitable for traditional spread pricing and currency trading clients.
  • Commission account: ideal for clients who want ultra-tight spreads with a fixed commission
  • STP account: ideal for high volution clients who wish to at most control.

A client has to deposit a minimum of 100 of the chosen base currency.The software can be used on all types of smartphones, desktops, and tablets on the IOS platform and android platforms. It is ideal for newbie traders and those who have mastered the art

2. NetPicks

This is a website that offers trading systems that range from the stock market, futures trading, forex, and options trading. It provides an ultimate trading pricing pattern.The professionals behind created it to empower and support investors in achieving their trading goals and objectives through education, trading systems, and training. All of these things are done through their trade-experienced coaches. It helps individuals be active traders and guides them to be flexible in the trading business. NetPicks also provides a free guide to price pattern training for all markets, including stocks, futures, forex, and crypto.

3. Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim is software that helps traders choose between engaging in dozens or hundreds when it comes to algorithmic trading. Thinkorswim is an effort by a TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers team and has gained a reputation for having automatic trading features. Its company, TD Ameritrade, is a renowned veteran in the finance industry, increasing the know-how in the investment business. It’s among the top brokers in currency pairs. Its automated and customizable platform has got positive reviews in the trading market, rated by the already established brokers. However, this tool is not suitable for new traders since it requires a minimum deposit of $3500 but has higher margins.

4. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers offers an algorithmic automated trading for improving performance on its platform. As a forex trade software, it can also be used for futures, stock, and many more investments. Interactive Brokers offers interactive automatic trading systems that are customizable to its clients to support the types of trades they perform. Its fees get charged on commissions for transactions. The more you conduct your trading, the more you pay on commissions. It is best for accessing foreign markets. It has a detailed smartphone app that makes trading simple, and it’s suitable for individuals with different accounts and tradable assets.

5. Tradespoon

When you want to trade smarter, Tradespoon is your ideal tool in investment trading. It provides tutoring and online lessons to forex traders, through its intuitive design. It accommodates all traders’ levels, including newbies and those present in the industry for a long time. It gives real-time stock prices in its platform while traders enjoy top stock intelligence, which helps them get exclusive opportunities. It is suitable for traders who are trying to find one-on-one investment coaching services. It’s also ideal for traders looking for screening tools right for profitable trades and those who want to get more trading options.

6. Feex

When you want to examine exchange-traded fund and mutual fund fees, Feex is the best software tool to use in this. Investment performance depends on the fees you pay. Paying more fees means losing thousands of dollars with time. Feex is easy to use and enables investors to connect it with their brokerage accounts to analyze their portfolio and calculate costs. If there are funds in your portfolio with fewer fees, Feex will inform you and give your alternatives. It will also give you the potential earnings of other options.

While adapting to these tools, always conduct safe trading and follow the laws that govern it. These tools will give you the best benefits you will require in trading, but also, you need to practice consciousness. They provide you with information that helps you interpret the market and does not guarantee a successful trade.