I co-wrote an article in Forbes on a 5-stock investment strategy focused on spin-offs, or companies that have recently spun off from their parents. The Spinoff Portfolio is a “set it and forget it for a year” strategy that selects five young spinoffs on January 1st of each year. The full strategy rules are laid out at the end of the Forbes article.

For 2018, our algorithm has selected these 5 spinoffs:

  1. CSRA​
  2. Synchrony Financial
  3. GCP Applied Technologies
  4. Adient Plc
  5. Lamb Weston Holdings

Investing in The Spinoff Portfolio is simple. Just buy the 2018 constituents in early January, putting 20% of the pie in each of the five names. I’d suggest not putting more than 10%-20% of your net worth in this strategy. Like the Uber Cannibals and Shameless Cloning Portfolio, we set it and forget it (for a year). I will publish The Spinoff Portfolio for a particular year on my blog by January 1st each year. This strategy only makes sense if you intend to follow it for at least a decade or longer. The ideal home for this strategy is your IRA. That way, there are no realized gains to worry about.

You can view the article here:


I co-wrote the article with Jaya Bharath Velicherla, a talented quant at Dhandho Funds.


Note, anyone who invests in any strategy needs to do their own research/due diligence and are themselves fully responsible for the outcome.


This article was originally published on Mohnish Pabrai’s blog Chai with Pabrai.
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