There is a big group of investors who even do not know that they are following their intuitions when they invest. This may sound like a surprise to you but if you read this article, we can firmly say not much resource is available on the internet on this topic. Every person has own self-interest in this in investing, therefore everyone has different goals. When planning, we subconsciously get influenced by our intuitions. Whether it was our last trade, or any recent market phenomena, it secretly shapes the plans.

In this article, we are going to disclose some secrets that are commonly hidden from the community. We understand the financial sector is a gamble of risk and gain, but before any investor makes the transition with real money, it is essential to know the dangers. While investing may seem daunting, it often results in ignoring strategy and following instincts.


In a simple context, these are plans which are developed through analyses and most of the time results in an expected outcome. However, do not get overly excited. There are many factors which convince people to choose intuitions sometimes. First of all, it requires lots of efforts. Generally speaking, it usually takes up to months to develop the skeleton of a working plan, let alone a successful formula. This needs to be thoroughly revised and after many failed attempts. Secondly, it takes time to find the correct and working plan which will work in the expected volatility. Prices are constantly moving, making the prediction even harder. Although there are paid signals, in the long run, it has proven ineffective. Only serious investors are likely to follow up plans.

So, is there any way to develop a perfect trading strategy? Google the term  trading demo download or open a demo account with Rakuten to develop your trading skills. Demo trading accounts are nothing but blessings for the retail traders. You can easily develop your trading skills so you can make a profit. Being a novice investor, you can lose money. Embrace the losing trades and stick to your trading system. Trade the market with high-risk-reward ratio and you will eventually get better at trading. Be optimistic with your trading profession and it will reduce the stress.


The first concept of using an intuition is top go after what sounds right. If there is something that rings a bell in mind, it is worthy of pursuing. This is a fatal mistake. Never let the simplicity of the chart fool you. The past experiences can teach important lessons but have passed is bygone. We understand emotions can take over but this is another quality that needs to be mastered. Remember, making money from the convenience at home comes with a price. The mind is never good at such level that it can automatically comprehend the pattern and possible forecasts. Perhaps, the reason common folks go after this is it sounds logical. After all, what could go wrong when the same plan has produced profits? Try to be creative and don’t let the innocent appearance deceive.

A question may have risen in mind why do professionals then follow the instincts then? The answer is simple, they have developed wisdom from all those years of trading. The vast knowledge helps to identify quickly what sort of dangers are coming and if the chances are worth a shot. If you can survive and continue in investing, the opportunity will present itself.