*Last updated on 26 August 2019

Greetings investors! Welcome to the Q2 2019 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Learn from the top investors on Wall Street, gain insights into the economy and financial markets, and know what to expect for the rest of the year.

These letters are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them my way! I’ll keep this list updated every week as more hedge fund letters come in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, be sure to check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Now get to reading!

Investment FirmDate Posted
KKR Midyear Macro ReportJuly 1
Oaktree Capital Insights – Real Estate CycleJuly 1
Third Point Capital Sony LetterJuly 1
Third Point Capital Sony PresentationJuly 1
Askeladden CapitalJuly 2
OSAM – The Earnings MirageJuly 2
Stanphyl CapitalJuly 2
Kerrisdale Capital – Tucows Short ThesisJuly 3
PE Ratio – A Users ManualJuly 3
Vltava FundJuly 4
Absolute Return PartnersJuly 9
Sequoia Fund Investor DayJuly 9
Sequoia FundJuly 9
Merion RoadJuly 9
Tollymore PartnersJuly 10
Ewing MorrisJuly 12
MPE CapitalJuly 12
Spree CapitalJuly 12
Wedgewood PartnersJuly 14
Kerrisdale – CareDx Short ThesisJuly 17
Longleaf PartnersJuly 17
Massif CapitalJuly 17
Oldfield PartnersJuly 17
Palm ValleyJuly 17
Silver Ring PartnersJuly 17
TGV Rubicon FundJuly 17
Upslope CapitalJuly 17
Verdad CapitalJuly 17
Bill Nygren CommentaryJuly 18
Euclidean CapitalJuly 18
Curreen CapitalJuly 20
IVA International FundJuly 20
IVA Worldwide FundJuly 20
Verdad EuropeJuly 20
Verdad JapanJuly 20
Third Avenue Value FundJuly 22
Whitebrook CapitalJuly 22
Blue Tower Asset ManagementJuly 23
East72July 23
Horizon KineticsJuly 23
Miller Deep ValueJuly 23
Miller Income FundJuly 23
Miller Opportunity EquityJuly 23
Saber Capital ManagementJuly 23
Turtle CreekJuly 23
First EagleJuly 24
TGV Partners FundJuly 24
TGV Truffle FundJuly 24
Third Avenue Real EstateJuly 24
Third Avenue Small CapJuly 24
Bluehawk InvestorsJuly 25
Crescat CapitalJuly 25
Greenlight CapitalJuly 25
Riverpark Large Growth FundJuly 25
Arquitos CapitalJuly 26
Bonhoeffer FundJuly 26
Choice EquitiesJuly 26
Maran CapitalJuly 26
Alta Fox CapitalJuly 30
Laughing Water CapitalJuly 30
Summers Value PartnersJuly 30
Third Point CapitalJuly 30
Tweedy BrowneJuly 30
Apollo Asia FundAugust 1
Artko CapitalAugust 1
FPA Capital FundAugust 1
FPA Crescent FundAugust 1
Gator CapitalAugust 1
O’Shaughnessy – Mispriced InnovationAugust 1
RLT CapitalAugust 1
Third Avenue Value FundAugust 1
Boyar’s ResearchAugust 2
Fairholme FundsAugust 2
VGI PartnersAugust 2
Greenhaven Road CapitalAugust 7
Mittleman BrothersAugust 7
Muddy Waters – Burford Capital ShortAugust 7
TGV Partners Intrinsic FundAugust 7
IACAugust 8
Long Cast AdvisorsAugust 8
Oaktree Insights – Global Credit InvestingAugust 8
PzenaAugust 8
Tao ValueAugust 8
Lightsail CapitalAugust 11
RV CapitalAugust 11
Elliot Advisors on Scout24August 12
Goehring & RozencwajgAugust 12
Saga PartnersAugust 12
Coho CapitalAugust 14
GE Short ReportAugust 20
Greenwood InvestorsAugust 20
Pershing Square CapitalAugust 20

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