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*Last updated on 25 September 2021


Greetings investors, and welcome to the Q2 2021 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Learn from the top investors on Wall Street, gain insights into the economy and financial markets, and know what to expect for the rest of the year.


These letters are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.


For convenience, I have added a “Stocks Mentioned” column for easier searching. Hope this helps!


Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis and Letters and Reviews. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them here. This list will be updated every week as more hedge fund letters come in.


For past hedge fund letters and reports, be sure to check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.


Now get to reading!


Investment FirmDate PostedStocks Mentioned
1Main CapitalJuly 25$MHH, $ATIP, $LMB
AdestellaSeptember 13
AkiyaAugust 10
Alger Mid Cap Focus FundJuly 17$NET, $BSY, $HUBS, $DKNG, $MGNI, $DISCK
Alger Small Cap Focus FundJuly 17
Alger Spectra FundJuly 17
Alger Weatherbie Specialized Growth FundJuly 17$PGNY, $CLB, $FSV, $EAR, $CHGG, $NEO
Alphyn CapitalJuly 19
Alphyn Capital ManagementJuly 14$CRSS, $VMEO
Alta Fox Capital – IDT CorpJuly 5
Altafox CapitalAugust 4
AndazJuly 5
Andaz Private InvestmentsAugust 28
Andvari AssociatesJuly 17
Appleseed FundAugust 28$HLF, $BOWFF, $ALL, $NPSNY
Argosy InvestorsAugust 3
Ariel Trust FundsAugust 28$ADT, $BOKF, $MDP
ArisaigAugust 4
Arisaig – Navigating ESG in ChinaJuly 5
Arisaig PartnersJuly 20$ARCE
Arquitos CapitalAugust 28
Artisan Global Discovery FundAugust 23
Artisan Value FundAugust 23
Artko CapitalAugust 23$GLBI, $CURN
AshmoreJuly 5
Asia Frontier FundJuly 21
Baillie GiffordJuly 29
Baron Health Care FundJuly 18
Baron Real Estate FundJuly 18
Bernzott Capital AdvisorsJuly 20$ADTN, $ATSG, $GVA, $JRVR
Bill MillerJuly 12
Black Bear Value PartnersJuly 19$AN, $7974.JT, $NVR, $TPL
Blue Tower Asset ManagementJuly 20$CNR, $TCS.L
BonhoefferAugust 30
Bronte CapitalJuly 27
BroyhillAugust 23
Cantor FitzgeraldAugust 10
Cedar Creek PartnersJuly 25$GOED, $MGAG, $NNUP
Choice Equities FundAugust 23$INVE
Citron Research – Long Thesis on Digital OceanAugust 3$DOCN
Comus InvestmentsJuly 14
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Hedged)July 17
Cooper Investors Global Equity Fund (Unhedged)July 17
Crescat CapitalJuly 5
Crestcat CapitalAugust 10
Culper Research – AemetisAugust 4$AMTX
Curreen CapitalJuly 21
Desert LionAugust 24
Distillate CapitalJuly 17
Donville Kent – Escape Velocity in Canadian TechAugust 4
East72July 12$NAM.AX, $SZL.AX
Edelweiss JournalJuly 13
Edgewood ManagementJuly 25
Elliot Letter to GSKJuly 5
Ensemble FundJuly 21$NTDOY, $ILMN
Evermore Global Value FundAugust 28
FMI All Cap EquityJuly 14
FMI International EquityJuly 14
FMI Large Cap EquityJuly 14
FMI Small Cap EquityJuly 14
FPA Crescent FundJuly 29
Fundsmith Equity FundAugust 28
Gator CapitalAugust 24
Goehring & RozencwajgAugust 23
Goldman Sachs – BidenomicsJuly 12
GoodHaven FundAugust 28
Greenhaven Road CapitalAugust 28$MKTW
Greenhaven Road Partners FundSeptember 2
Greenlea LaneJuly 13
Greenlight CapitalJuly 27
Greystone CapitalJuly 25$HOME, $THBRF
Grizzly Reports – TSP Short ThesisAugust 13
Guardian FundsJuly 19$SHOP, $SPOT, $RBLX and $PLTR
Harding Loevner Emerging Markets EquityAugust 28
Harding Loevner Global EquityAugust 28
Harding Loevner Global Small CompaniesAugust 28
Harding Loevner International EquityAugust 28
Harding Loevner International Small Companies EquityAugust 28
Hayden CapitalAugust 28
Headwaters CapitalJuly 14$ABCM
Heartland Mid Cap Value FundJuly 18$PPG, $FCFS, $DGX
Heartland Value FundJuly 18$MNR, $PDCO, $BBBY
Heartland Value Plus FundJuly 18$DRQ, $AVNS, $FCFS
Hindenburg Research – DraftKings Short ThesisJune 22
Hoisington Investment ManagementJuly 20
Horizon KineticsJuly 25
Horos FundsAugust 10$SUHJY, $MBI
Hosking PartnersAugust 23
Howard Marks Memo – Thinking About MacroAugust 4
JCap Research – Chromadex Short ThesisJuly 5
JDP CapitalJuly 21$SPOT, $ROKU, $INDV.LN, $DRTT, $STNE
Jehoshaphat – Short Thesis on AdaptHealthJuly 27$AHCO
JPM Guide to the MarketsJuly 5
Kerrisdale Capital – Long Thesis on Acutus MedicalJuly 27$AFIB
Kerrisdale Capital – Long Thesis on Maxar TechnologiesAugust 4$MAXR
Kerrisdale Capital – Virgin Galactic Short ThesisJune 22
L1 International Capital FundJuly 20$GPK
Lakehouse CapitalJuly 26
Laughing Water CapitalJuly 25$HMHC, $THRY, $TACT, $PAR, $CDMO, $AIM.TO
Lazard on Emerging MarketsJuly 13
Longleaf Partners FundJuly 15
Longleaf Partners Global FundJuly 15
Longleaf Partners International FundJuly 15$PROSY, $0200.HK
Longleaf Partners Small-Cap FundJuly 15
LongriverJuly 12
LRT CapitalAugust 23$DPZ, $SCL, $MAR, $NVO, $RGEN, $HXL, $WSO, $TPL, $CIGI, $TFII
Luca CapitalAugust 11
Madison Dividend Income FundJuly 20$AFL
Madison Investors FundJuly 20$BD, $DLTR, $PCAR, $PGR
Madison Mid Cap FundJuly 20$CNNE, $PCAR
Madison Small Cap FundJuly 20
Maran CapitalJuly 25
Massif CapitalJuly 18$ADMLF, $EQX, $AOIFF, $EQNR
Merion Road CapitalJuly 20$FLXS
Miller Income StrategyAugust 11
Miller Opportunity EquityAugust 11
Miller/Howard InvestmentsJuly 18
MPE CapitalJuly 17
Muddy WatersAugust 23
Nelson CapitalJuly 18$BKNG
Newfound FundsJuly 12
Nordstern CapitalJuly 19$TCEHY, $BABA
NZS CapitalJuly 12
Octahedron PartnersSeptember 13
Old West Capital ManagementJuly 17$RFL, $URPTF
Packer & CoJuly 12
Palm CapitalAugust 28
Palm Valley Capital FundJuly 15$COG, $VWTR
Perpetual Global InnovationAugust 3$DCT, $OPEN
Pershing Square – UMG/PSTH Transaction OverviewJune 22
Peterson FundJuly 20
PzenaJuly 21
Pzena Investment ManagementAugust 10
QualivianSeptember 13
RF PartnersSeptember 13
RGA AdvisorsAugust 13
RGA Investment AdvisorsAugust 10$SFIX
Rhizome PartnersAugust 28$FRPH
Richie Capital GroupJuly 17$INS, $MKTX, $VMD, $TTD, $ADBE
RiverPark Large GrowthJuly 17
RiverPark Long/Short Opportunity FundJuly 17
RiverPark/Wedgewood FundAugust 28$CDW, $CPRT, $TSM
Ron BaronJuly 24
Rondure GlobalAugust 28
Rowan StreetAugust 3$SPOT, $FB
Ruane, Cunniff & GoldfarbJuly 19
RV Capital 1H 2021August 30$BABA, $CRM
Saga PartnersAugust 23$GDRX
Saltlight Capital August 2$FB
Semper Vic PartnersSeptember 12
Silver Ring PartnersJuly 21
Smead Value FundJuly 17
Spree CapitalAugust 23
Spruce Point – Oatly GroupJuly 20
SRK CapitalAugust 13
St. James Investment Company July 14
Summers Value PartnersJuly 29
Symphony International HoldingsAugust 23
Tao ValueAugust 10
TCI – Canadian National RailwaySeptember 13$CNI
TGV Falkstein FundJuly 19
TGV Intrinsic FundSeptember 12
TGV Partners FundJuly 19
TGV Rubicon FundJuly 19
Third Avenue International Real EstateJuly 21
Third Avenue International Real Estate Value FundJuly 17
Third Avenue Real EstateJuly 21
Third Avenue Real Estate Value FundJuly 17$STRS, $FNMA
Third Avenue Small CapJuly 21
Third Avenue Small-Cap Value FundJuly 17
Third Avenue Value FundJuly 17
Third PointAugust 10$RH, $DIS
Third Point CapitalAugust 10
Tidefall CapitalJuly 20
Tweedy BrowneAugust 10
Upslope CapitalJuly 20
Upslope Capital ManagementAugust 10$MKTX, $ENV
Viceroy Research – Recon AfricaJuly 5
Vltava FundJuly 14
Vulcan ValueAugust 10
Wedgewood PartnersJuly 14$CDW, $CPRT, $TSM
WertArt CapitalAugust 28$SUPN, $GOE.PA, $NTDOY, $HSCNF
Whitebrook CapitalJuly 20
Wolfpack Research – SGOC Short ThesisAugust 23
Wolfpack Research – Short Thesis on MOXCJuly 29$MOXC
Worm CapitalJuly 17$ABNB, $SHOP, $TSLA

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