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The Complete List of Q3 2019 Hedge Fund Letters to Investors


*Last updated on 12 December 2019

Greetings investors! Welcome to the Q3 2019 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Learn from the top investors on Wall Street, gain insights into the economy and financial markets, and know what to expect for the rest of the year.

These letters are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them here. This list will be updated every week as more hedge fund letters come in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, be sure to check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Now get to reading!

Investment Firm Date Posted
Absolute Return Partners October 7
BAM Investor Day Presentation October 7
Collaborative Fund – Three Big Things October 7
Elliot Management Letter to ATT October 7
Elliot Mangement Presentation on Marathon Petroleum October 7
FRMO Annual Report October 7
JPM Guide to the Markets October 7
Andaz Private Investments October 9
Bill Nygren October 9
Focused Compounding October 9
Lindsell Train October 9
Oakmark Fund October 9
Venator Capital October 9
Vltava Fund October 9
Curreen Capital October 11
East72 October 11
GMO October 11
Sequoia Fund October 11
Upslope Capital October 11
Datt Capital October 14
Lindsell Train Global Fund October 14
Wedgewood Partners October 14
Graham and Doddville – Issue 37 October 15
Artko Capital October 17
Ensemble Fund October 17
OSAM October 17
Polen – Focus Growth October 17
Polen – Global Growth October 17
Polen – International Growth October 17
White Crane Capital October 17
Howard Marks Memo October 18
Euclidean Technologies October 19
DMX Capital October 21
Forager Funds October 21
Greenhaven Road October 21
Saber Capital October 21
Tollymore Partners October 21
Arquitos Capital October 22
Crescat Capital October 22
Curreen Capital October 22
Laughing Water Capital LP Meeting Transcript October 22
Massif Capital October 22
Silver Ring Value Partners October 22
Vilas Fund October 22
Bill Miller Income Strategy October 27
Bill Miller Opportunity Equity October 27
Bill Miller Deep Value October 27
GQG Partners – Emerging Markets October 30
GQG Partners – Global Equity October 30
Alluvial Capital October 30
Apollo Asia Fund October 30
Blue Tower Asset Management October 30
Ewing Morris October 30
Gator Capital October 30
Spree Capital October 30
Third Point Capital October 30
Whitebrook Capital October 30
Alta Fox Capital November 1
Askeladden Capital November 1
Bluehawk Investment Management November 1
FPA Crescent Fund November 1
Greenlight Capital November 1
Horizon Kinetics November 1
Long Cast Advisors November 1
RF Capital November 1
Tao Value Fund November 1
Tweedy Browne November 1
Bonhoeffer Capital November 4
Rangeley Capital November 4
Goehring & Rozencwajg November 6
Maran Capital November 6
Saga Partners November 6
Third Avenue November 6
Absolute Return Partners – How to Invest in a Low Growth World Part II November 7
Donville Kent November 8
Greenwood Investors November 17
Lightsail Capital November 17
Oaktree – Deeper Dive into Structured Credit November 17
Quartz Capital Letter to Sabana REIT November 17
Desert Lion Capital November 18
Hayden Capital November 18
SRK Capital November 21
Blue Orca – Kasen International Short November 25
Greenhaven Road Partners Fund November 25
Lindsell Train November 25
Mittleman Brothers November 25
Oasis Management – Sanken Electric Co November 25
Rangeley Capital November 27
First Eagle – Facing Your Fears December 2
Heller House Capital December 2
Absolute Return Partners December 3
Ashmore Group – Africa’s Public Markets December 3
Engine Capital – PDL Biopharma December 3
Legion Partners – Bed, Bath & Beyond December 3
Marathon Partners Letter – e.l.f Beauty December 3
Conover Investment Advisory December 6
Bireme Capital December 10
DB Research – Imagine 2030 December 10
Greenwood Investors December 10
Prescience Point Capital – Broadmark Realty December 10
Citron Research – Peleton December 11
Star Capital Research – The Presumed End of Value December 11
Del Principe O’Brien December 11

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