Despite the level of technological advancements even in our banking and investment sectors, there are certain platforms that cannot be wiped by time. Maybe in the future they will when a better platform replaces them. One such a strong platform that is determining the rising and falling of many stocks is stock boards. Although they are what millennial generation would call traditional platforms, they are still relevant in the stock exchange market.

Stock Boards

One thing that has made stock boards continue to rule even in our digital age is their simplicity and accessibility. You can get the information about a certain stock easily through discussion with other users who have an interest in the same and have trended the path before you. You easily access these discussions in posted messages form.

These boards have turned out to be one of the best online discussion spots where you can easily respond to the questions asked or post a new question and you will get answers. However, it should be noted that not all information on these boards is to be trusted.

A great message board should contain live statistics and prices of a certain stock and the discussions going on. Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. has its IPIX Stock message board well displayed for every participant in the discussion.

In such a board, you may see some commonly used terms that may hit hard on you and turn you off from the discussion. Next time you should not turn off a chat because of the terms used. Here are some of them.

Commonly Used Terms

  1. Administrator

Whenever you see this term in any stock board, it is referring to that admin who handles any technical difficulties that may arise. They enable that message board to run effectively for your usage.

  • User group

This basically refers to the participants in a certain discussion. They can be divided into visitors and existing registered members. There rules, terms and conditions governing the user group which everyone is expected to follow as long as they want to be part of the discussion.

  • Thread

If you look at the IPIX Stock message board, you will see messages displayed from the newest to the oldest on certain topic. This group of messages about a certain topic is what is referred to as a thread.

  • Post

This is basically the message that has been sent by the user. It indicates the date and time it was sent. Registered members have the freedom of editing their messages and resending. All these posts form a thread on the board as shown on the Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. board.

  • Moderator

In every motion, there must be a moderator to cool the temperature and to banish some crooks. In this case, the moderator is an employee of a specific stock board who has access to the thread tasked with some duties like eliminating spammers in the conversation and answering specific questions about the stock.

You don’t have to be off when your fellow users are sending their posts on the board; you should be part of it. And as long as you know the above terms you got enough confidence to speak out.