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Things You Should Know in Getting A Loan With A Bad Credit

Are you in dire need of emergency money to pay off some consolidated credit card debt? Or need to pay off some medical bill expenses? Yet, you are caught in a bad state of having a bad credit status. Do not fret as there are still available resources that can help you with your dilemma.

It is indeed a struggle living with bad credit status. Fortunately, there are loans available for people with bad credit scores. But, it is essential to educate yourself about such loans first before you apply for one.

In this article, we have laid out things that you should know first before applying for a loan, the disadvantages, and basics on how you can improve your score as well.

Look For A Credible Bad Credit Loan Company

In recent years, the number of lending companies has increased, thus making it more possible for the borrowers to have many options to choose from, aside from banks and other traditional lending institutions.

This growth is significant, especially for those who have bad credit status. Since banks prefer borrowers with good credit scores, you can now pass from the idea of borrowing from them.

There are many bad credit loan companies out there, and if you shop diligently around, you can really find one that you can be comfortable applying at. Take CreditNinja for one; this bad credit loan company offers personal loans for borrowers who have low credit scores. They review your credit history and check thoroughly if you are eligible to file and granted a loan.

One thing you should check in searching for a bad credit loan company is their credibility. It might sound a little bit off since you are the one with a bad credit score. However, you don’t like to be scammed after going through all the process.

Be sure the one you have found is certified and licensed in your state. Do not disregard the red-flags like the following:

  • lenders who don’t check your credit history
  • guarantees instant approval
  • no customer reviews

Bad Credit Status Disadvantages

It is already known that having a bad credit status instantly gets a notion of disapproval when you try to apply for a loan in a bank in your locality. But there is still more downside that you need to know when you file for a loan with bad credit status.

Higher Interest Rate

It is already a burden having to pay off for a debt or mounting bill expenses, what more if you have to pay for a higher interest rate? When you have a bad credit status, you are a high and bad risk for any lending companies; thus, they require something big from you.

Penalties and Other Fees

Some lending companies have penalties for delayed payments, while others don’t. If you are lucky enough to find a company that doesn’t charge you with extra fees, you can save that money in paying your original loan amount.

Requires Collateral

It is painful to have your car or your house submitted as collateral; however, having a bad credit status obliged you to make such a move. In order not to lose your possession, make sure to pay on time, or else you will face another burden in the future.

How To Improve a Bad Credit Score

Many professionals and experts suggest that improving a bad credit score is just literally repaying on time. Well, that is definitely the idea. You take out a loan, check the repayment schedules, and the terms of payment agree on all of them then all of a sudden you go out missing your repayments this equals to a bad credit score.

There is no other way to improve a bad credit score. If you are granted to have a loan even with a poor score, make sure you commit to pay on time and manage your finances properly.

This is just the only way you can gain back the entitlement and enjoy the advantages of having a good credit score.

Resources Where You Can Get A Loan With A Bad Credit

It is not the end, yet even with bad credit status, there are still resources that you can borrow money. Here’s the list you can use as a reference:

  • Take out a loan in a credit union
  • Lending platforms
  • Borrow from a family or a friend
  • Find a co-signer


Having a bad credit score status is a struggle. But do not get discouraged yet. There are lending companies and other resources where you can take out a loan and even more so enjoy a lower interest rate in that case. However, improving your credit score is just as important as well. You don’t like living with bad credit and continue paying high-interest rate every time you take out a loan.