Most people are looking for a way to increase their personal wealth, either to enhance and boost their current lifestyle or to save for a comfortable retirement. The problem is, how do you build your wealth without taking on a second job or taking on too much risk? One of the easiest ways to get started is to create your own investment portfolio and slowly watch it grow.

If you think about investing as a rich man’s game you might miss out on some great opportunities. You need not have a lot of money or knowledge of the markets to get going. With a bit of cash and some trusted financial advice, you too can build your investment account.

Even if you don’t have cash lying around, finding out the answers to questions like “How do title loans work?” or borrowing from your retirement account can put you on the road to getting the money you need to get into the game. If you invest conservatively in any of these wise starter ventures, you may be able to pay back your loan or top off your accounts sooner than you might think.

Savings Account

The easiest and most low-risk way to build wealth is to open a high-interest savings account. You can add to it whenever you can — whether it be a weekly or monthly deposit — and watch it gather interest on its own. There is no risk of investing your money in savings, so it is often the first place that people start their portfolio.

If you are looking for faster returns, you might want to look into something else. Although a savings account is a safe investment, the profit doesn’t add up very quickly.

Conservative Stock Portfolio

Buying stocks on the stock market is the most common and often lucrative way to spend your investment budget. Once you buy a stock, you will own a small percentage of a public company. How they perform will directly affect the worth of your part of the pie.

If you are new to investing, you may want to get the advice of a broker on where to put your money. The stock market game can be as risky as you want to make it. Sometimes the risks pay off, but sometimes high-risk purchase can backfire if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for a low-risk portfolio, consider a heavier weighting in bonds rather than stocks.

Mutual Funds

When you buy a stock on the market, you end up owning a portion of just one company. With mutual funds, you are buying stocks in bulk from a variety of companies. A stockbroker can help you choose the right bundle that is right for you.

Although this can be a great way to increase the size of your portfolio and give you a variety of investments, you will end up paying some of your dividends out to the fund’s manager that will manage your money.


Investing can be an intimidating proposition for many people, but there is no better way to increase your wealth. Whether you choose a more traditional and low-risk approach, or you work with an adviser to take some chances with your money, working on your investment portfolio is the best move you can make towards your financial goals.