Novice and expert collectors alike, they all want us here at Chronoexpert to weigh in on the top watch brands which will increase in value in the next decade.

We cannot provide facts and figures, but we are happy to provide guidance based on our experience and expertise. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of watches on the market and an even wider variety of collectors. So let us get started with a list of watch brands which will increase in value, in no particular order.

The Top Watch Brands Which Will Increase in Value in the Next Decade

What do all these brands have in common? History and tradition. Most of these brands have a rich history of creating elegant, classic watches that stand the test of time. These brands also have a reputation of making quality watches that last for many years and, in some cases, are handed down generation to generation. However, perhaps the biggest secret to buying a watch that is going to increase in value is searching the second hand market for a value priced option.

Benefits of Buying Second Hand

The second hand watch market can be your in-road to investing in a quality luxury timepiece that gives you a return on your investment while looking good on your wrist. Normally priced below retail price, pre-owned watches have a potential to go up in value over time, making them a sound investment.

Brands like those listed above go through rigorous testing, ensuring that they will keep accurate time and look great over many years. These are the finest precision timekeeping brands in the business for a reason, and the increase in value over time will prove it. Buyers can have confidence in these brands and the certifications and standards they have achieved.

Buying vintage

In addition to finding a brand that has heritage and history with a quality reputation, buyers who are looking into investing in vintage watches should look for styles popular with other collectors and celebrities. The extra buzz created from a celebrity wearing a certain brand does give a boost to the price. For example, Panerai watches, which were originally made for the Italian military, have been seen on actor Sylvester Stallone and become highly collectible.

Buying new

Buying a new watch as an investment is another alternative. Brands have begun to create limited edition models, which stir collectors into buying and storing them for a future increase in value. While this means that more of these limited edition watches survive, they are still a good investment over time. The Rolex Daytona is a perfect example, as there will always be collectors of this brand and model due to the brand’s reputation and the Daytona model in particular as a timeless classic.

Is your interest piqued to invest in a watch? Browse our site and get in touch with us if you have any questions. Like a fine wine or a vintage automobile, pre-owned watches increase in value and get better with time.