After the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, the US stock market turned north, despite the shock that followed the election results. Stock trading had been extremely volatile since the election and the US equity market managed to exceed even the most optimistic analysts’ expectations. After bottoming out in 2009, the US stock market had been rallying to unprecedented record levels, with the S&P500 reaching the 2596 level and the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 23623, an all-time high that was reached on November 7th 2017.

Even though the US market managed to have such a significant rise in the last year and some analysts claim that a correction is overdue, there could be some companies that will manage to outperform the market is the near future and this material was designed for those of you who practice stock trading and need some good investment ideas.


Alibaba Group Holding LTD, also known as the Amazon of China, managed to sustain a level of growth that made most analysts expect a further increase in the stock price in the near future. The stock price doubled in the last year, from approximately 93 $/share in January to a staggering 186.42 $/share at the time of writing. From a technical point of view, the bullish trend does not show any signs of weakness thus far and if the company will publish results above expectation we should see more gains in the following months, favoring more bullish stock trading.

Universal Display (OLED)

The OLED technology managed to draw consumers’ attention and the company that developed it, Universal Display Corporation is now considered important for the future.

OLED Technology


The company’s management found it tough to implement the OLED technology for screens, due to high price, but the move turned out to be highly beneficial for the company. In terms of the stock price, in January one stock was worth around 57 $/share and now the price is more than three times higher, located at 175.90 $/share at the time of writing.

These are just two of the stocks listed in the United States that have the potential to outperform the market in the near future and if the economic figures will manage to rise at the expectations, the positive outcome will not fail to appear.