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U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two Coveted AdSphere Awards for the Second Year in a Row

Austin, Texas, is the “Live Music Capital of the World,” according to many festival goers and live music enthusiasts. But Austin offers people more than music, according to the high-tech workers, government employees, college students, and musicians who call Austin home. A group of Fortune 500 businesses have headquarters in Austin, and U.S. Money Reserve, a precious metals company and one of the largest distributors of U.S. government-issued coins, also calls Austin home.

Year after year, U.S. Money Reserve helps people purchase coins they can’t find anywhere else. People offer wonder what makes U.S. Money Reserve stay on top of its industry, and there is a simple answer. The company has a group of coin professionals on the payroll who provide excellent customer service.

The president of the company, Philip Diehl, is a former director of the U.S. Mint. Diehl brings a lot of coin knowledge to the company as a result. He was instrumental in releasing the 50-State quarter program during his time as the director of U.S. Mint. Diehl has the talent and the expertise to talk about rare coins in a way that makes new coin buyers understand why some coins are more than just their face value. Mr. Diehl is a seasoned veteran and his team at U.S. Money Reserve are all professionals in their fields.

For the last two consecutive years, U.S. Money Reserve has won two awards from AdSphere for “Short Form Products” and “Infomercials.”

The AdSphere Awards honor the best cable brands as well as advertisers who compete in the DRTV industry. The Awards are the work of DRMetrix, a top television research firm in the DRTV industry. Angela Koch, the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, believes her marketing department develops inspiring and creative work that reflects the nature of the rare coin industry. Earning the recognition from DRMetrix is a testament to the hard work and the unbelievable talent of the media and marketing team, according to Koch.

AdSphere tracks more than 120 national networks and it recognizes the best-of-class advertisers in four business classifications, lead generation, short-form products, brand/direct, and 28.5-minute infomercials. According to Joseph Gray, the founder of AdSphere Awards, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the companies that demonstrates media creativity and execution as well as consumer popularity.

The 2018 AdSphere Awards give consumers a measuring stick, so they can make buying decisions easier, according to Mr. Diehl. Diehl said U.S. Money Reserve’s new Perth Mint proof set is an example of the quality and the service his company offers to buyers of rare coins who put them into their portfolios.