Why Use Explainer Videos to Illustrate the Value of Your Business

There is a reason why videos are finding increasing space for businesses and marketing. Explainer videos are more effective in illustrating the value of your business, whether you are offering any kind of product or service. Visual content has always had a stronger impact on target audience than textual content. One of the challenges that have prevented businesses from making the most of explainer videos has been the complexities of video creation. However, all that has changed with powerful platforms like mysimpleshow that provides a simple drag-and-drop interface to create all types of explainer videos.

Explainer Videos Boost Your Online Visibility

There are different ways in which having explainer videos on your web pages and other online assets can boost your online visibility.

  • It helps increase your time-on-page rates
  • It minimizes your bounce rates
  • It also contributes big to your SEO signals

When your visitors spend more time on your website, search engines will see that your site is more important to them. User experience (UX) is a major factor in SEO and any signal that shows Google that your website or webpages are beneficial to users makes a big contribution to your search rankings.

Explainer Videos Generate More Interest

Another advantage of using explainer videos is that they help in generating more interest. Rich media has always had a stronger visual impact on target audience. Studies show that more than 70% of online users watch videos. So whether you are going to add explainer videos to your website, YouTube channel or social media accounts, you have every reason to do so. And with programs like mysimpleshow that make it a breeze to create videos, video creation has become easier than ever.

Explain Your Products or Services with Clarity

This is the most obvious benefit of using explainer videos to illustrate your products or services. There are limitations to the kind of message that textual content can deliver. Different people interpret textual content in different ways depending on their perception. There is more consistency in the way explainer videos are interpreted by  different people. This is because videos have the power to deliver a message with clarity while eliminating all guess work.

mysimpleshow allows you to create explainer videos with clarity to explain and illustrate your products, services or brand message. You can explain better what your business can do for them and the reasons they should choose you.

Boost Your Website Traffic

As already mentioned, videos send out stronger SEO signals and help boost your rankings. This further helps in boosting your web traffic and visibility. But there is another aspect to explainer videos that can help generate massive volume of targeted traffic compared to other types of content.

Videos have a great potential to go ‘viral’ compared to most other types of content. A video posted on YouTube or Instagram is more likely to attract millions of views compared to an article or blog. So, if you do it right and create an interesting and useful explainer video for your target audience, you can never know when it may go viral.

Create Stunning Explainer Videos with mysimpleshow

mysimpleshow offers easy-to-use features allowing you to create professional explainer videos for your business. The key features simplify video creation and allow anyone to create their own videos:

  • Storyline Suggestions: Just answer a few questions and mysimpleshow’s algorithm will present you with the Storyline templates that match your explainer video goals.
  • Tell Your Story: Stories are what win the hearts of your target audience. With this platform, you can tell a great story while it guides you to arrange your ideas and thoughts in the best possible way.
  • Illustrative Images: mysimpleshow offers a vast collection of images and clips that help you illustrate your story that stays in your viewers’ mind. Tell your story in a way that engages your audience and improves the brand recall.

The platform offers thousands of illustrations while also allowing you to upload your own images. Whatever story you have to tell, whichever type of business you have – you can find illustrations and create explainer videos to achieve your goal. Share the videos on YouTube or social media, add to your web pages and reach out to your target audience.