For most people building wealth begins with making strong investments. In fact, over 50% of Americans had money invested in the stock market in 2015, so investment is one of the most popular ways to accumulate wealth – but should you use a personal loan to invest?

If you don’t have much money it can be difficult to get into investing, but one option is taking out a personal loan so that you can get started. While this method can come with risks; after all, investing is an art rather than a science, it can still be a great option if you know what you are doing.

Here are two things you should consider if you are thinking about using a personal loan to invest.

Look At The Loan Rates And Repayments

Before you start thinking about using a loan to pay for stocks, you should look at the interest rates and monthly repayments. If the rates are very expensive you will have to make a big profit on your stocks to pay the money back – and this means you don’t even get to keep the profits. For this reason Crediful ( suggests that you look at each lender’s specific requirements beforehand so that you are fully informed before applying for a loan.

Aim to find a personal loan with low interest rates, especially if you are also paying off other forms of debt such as student loans. Remember that there isn’t anything wrong with good debt if you have enough income to pay the debt back, but if you don’t you should avoid taking out a loan to pay for your investments.

Make Sure That Your Are Informed About Investing

Most people aren’t fully informed about investing, and this can make investing seem scary. Events such as the 2009 economic crisis have also caused Americans to lose faith in investing, but in reality investing isn’t too hard to understand – you just make an effort to be clued up before you start investing. Consider speaking to an investment advisor, and make sure that you look at how a particular stock has performed before investing in it. This is very important as it will give you an idea have how the stock has performed over its inception, making it easier for you to predict future trends.

A personal loan can be used to invest, and if you are smart enough you could even use the experience as a chance to improve your credit. However it is important to note that this is a risky way to invest money, and if the interest rates are high it is very possible that you will lose money – so be careful.