Do you have a credit card that you plan on utilizing during your trip to Malaysia? If so, it is crucial that you know the risks of utilizing credit cards in international countries. If you do not take the time to learn these risks you will jeopardize the security of your credit card. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help keep your journeys to Malaysia and beyond safe.


Protection from Fraud


Most credit card companies protect their customers from fraud. These protections are typically included with the service of each and every purchase. However, some credit card companies do not offer this protection when making purchases internationally. Fraud protection is the only way to prevent financial losses in the event your credit card is stolen.


Notification Of Travel Plans


Even with fraud protections in place, you should still notify your credit card company. Tell them of your future travel plans, so they will expect you to utilize your credit card in Malaysia. If you have a balance transfer credit card Malaysia, the process will go smoothly and quickly. When you notify your credit company, the representative will document it. So, when you make a purchase it will be approved without a problem.


Where It Will Be Accepted


Depending on what type of credit card you have, it may not be accepted as a form of payment in Malaysia. For example, the MasterCard is accepted by almost all American merchants, but it is not accepted by some international merchants. Knowing which credit cards are accepted will definitely prove in your favor. If you do not know this information in advance, you will risk being refused service because your credit card is not accepted.


Other Protections


It is likely that you will be utilizing your credit card to make all kinds of purchases. You will probably utilize it to pay for a car rental, motel accommodations, airplane tickets and purchases from local merchants. With that said, the more you utilize your credit card the higher the fraud risks will be. This is why additional protections could help ensure safer transactions in Malaysia. These protections should include purchases, car rental losses, travel accident insurance and express shipping for credit card replacements.


Know The Fees


Regardless of where you utilize your credit card in Malaysia, you will be charged transaction fees. These fees will depend on your credit card companies’ policies. Some credit card companies charge their customers a one percent foreign transaction fee for each purchase. Others may charge up to three percent. These fees do not apply to currency conversion transactions.


If you are lucky your credit card company does not charge foreign transaction fees. If it does, you may want to apply and obtain a credit card that does not charge customers such fees. Doing this will definitely help keep your travel expenses to a minimum. Also, remember that
you always have the option or transferring the balance of one credit card by using services like This is a strategy that will help lower your monthly payments as well as give you more freedom.


If you do not know about foreign transaction fees in advance, you will be sorely disappointed when you receive your next credit card statement. The fees will be charged to your account without your knowledge. And, when you get your bill you will have no other choice but to pay them.