The year 2020 is not only a new year, but it is also the first year that ushers the Millenium into its 20’s. And if history dictates right, when we get to our 20’s that is when you discover yourself and later in those years, establish yourself. That means that this is the decade of making mistakes, learning from them, and building something substantial from them if you can. This is then the decade to make moves to secure the bag, and one huge step to make is investing. And in this piece, we shall take a look into the four top investment ideals to kickstart your decade. So let’s get started.

1. Start Trading

One venture you can start this year is trading in the stock market. You could decide to buy shares and bonds from the government or individual companies. Or you could even try the forex exchange where you buy and sell currencies. The good thing is that we are technologically advanced to trade real-time from whatever location we are in. We even have applications like MT4 download for free to help us trade, so you have no excuse not to do so.

2. Start Writing and Selling Your Articles Online

A new website or blog is being made right this minute, and what these sites need is ever fresh content. That means that they have to keep posting on a schedule. And truth be told, this work given to a single being can become overwhelming. So much so, most websites will outsource articles to keep up their editorial flow. And here is where you come in, become a writer. All you will need is to have a creative mind and a laptop, tablet, or even a phone that you can use to type in pieces. And get a gig for writing for a specific client or a middleman who connects you the writer to a site. In time, after you have gathered enough experience, you can buy your own account and get jobs straight from a client and earn your money uncut.

3. Sell an Accessory

Another investment you can look into is selling an accessory. These accessories could be anything from hats to shoes, socks, or even paintings and sculptures. The more organic the idea, the better. Out of a world of mediocre, give the public something unique to savor over. Well, indeed you have to spend money to make money, and this venture won’t cost you a lot. Start small and build as you go. Consider drop shipping these accessories so that you will not have dead stock. And if you stay committed, you will be a level higher in a year or two from today.

4. Start a Small Business in Retail

Opening a small retail shop or grocery is yet another investment idea you can get to this decade. All you will need is substantial capital so that you get stock for your business, and you grow from there. You can decide to deal with small everyday perishables like milk, bread, fresh vegetables, and mix them with other small household items like soaps and tissue. Or select one from the list and go with it. If you stick to this venture, in a few years, you will have amassed enough wealth to sustain yourself and your family.


The world’s economy is not doing so well, and so people must look for ways to survive in the event they lose their jobs. And the investments mentioned above could be the breakthrough you have been needing. So, be bold and take that step to secure your future, you have nothing to lose.