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Chart of the Week


Books (Old School)

Links (Digital)

  • Warren Buffett — the overlooked target in Amazon’s grocery war (CNBC)
  • Paths To Success: 5 Career Lessons To Learn From Warren Buffett (AppleOne Blog)
  • Sweet Jesus, Bill Ackman Has Finally Joined Twitter (Vanity Fair)
  • Cognitive Bias Field Manual (Capable Men)
  • How Much Do You Know About Ethical Investing? (WSJ)
  • Why Warren Buffett Considers Benjamin Graham the Second Most Important Person in His Life (WealthTech)
  • Exclusive interview: Why Warren Buffett is bullish on Canada (Boutilier Wealth Management)
  • 17 Effective Time Management Tips (MyTasker)
  • 8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health (Positive Health Wellness)

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